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Nowadays, aluminum alloy doors and windows are more and more popular in the market, but in the face of the chaotic door and window market, people are wavering in choosing the brand of doors and windows at the beginning. Choosing the brand they like is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Next, Xiaobian will take you to the broken bridge aluminum door and window market for a walk

1. Do you have to choose a big brand to join in the selection of aluminum alloy doors and windows

when many people don't understand the market, they will blindly choose some big brands they are not familiar with to join. When choosing door and window brands to join, we need to understand and explore what suits us is the best. Big brands certainly have market advantages, but the quality of big brand products is not necessarily good. Think carefully, how many so-called big brands in the market have had defective products, so Xiaobian's suggestion is to look at products rather than quality. But how to look at products

2. Look at the color and texture

many enterprises will have their own special colors. For example, there is a log color for angel doors and windows. Of course, there are basically some door and window manufacturers that do better. But here we mainly look at the texture, whether it is broken, whether it is authentic, and whether it is fuzzy. Xiaobian used to spray fuzzy when he came into contact with some defective products, which are absolutely unqualified

3. See the details of products

see the details of products. There is no one-time molding of aluminum alloy doors and windows products. Basically, all aluminum alloy doors and windows are assembled. First of all, it depends on the flatness, whether the spliced interface is flat, and whether there are obvious defects, which directly reflects the production process level of the enterprise. The second is to look at technology. The so-called technology is to look at structural patents. If the two add up to no problem, we can basically confirm this product

4. Locks and other accessories

the quality of doors and windows may be qualified, but locks also indirectly reflect the manufacturer's intention. Although many manufacturers' locks are self selected by consumers, the quality of doors and windows can be roughly seen from the brand of locks. Compared with a door and window with slightly poor quality, it is rarely equipped with a high-end lock. The second is the quality of anti-collision adhesive and adhesive strip, and the thickness can indirectly reflect the quality of doors and windows

joining doors and windows is a big deal. If you don't mind the franchisees who don't understand the market, you should conduct more market research, survey, and compare with several enterprises to find a suitable and promising door and window enterprise to join, so as to bring you your own wealth


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