A simple European style home for three people

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Highlight: the owner of this case pursues household happiness and comfort, so when designing the bedroom, the unreasonable layout of the original space function has been improved, choosing the simple European style, with a series of golden colors as the main colors, to create a comfortable and atmospheric home


highlight 1: the porch is rich and noble. It was originally an internal window, which was modified and designed into a porch. The front is decorated with golden beige dolomite and sandstone, and the wall is decorated with gold wallpaper. The ground is decorated with finished floor tiles, and the top is arched to highlight the noble spirit

living room

highlight 2: the living room is quiet and colorful with red scales. Wallpaper, cave stones and solid wood furniture are luxurious and magnificent. The choice of sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets and lamps all consider the same style, revealing a touch of luxury in elegance

dining room

highlight 3: the opening of the living room into the dining room is too small. The ceiling fan lamp can not only adjust the air conditioning effect, but also conform to the design style. The back of the wine cabinet is the porch into the house. The original structure next to it is a concrete wall, which cannot be changed. So a multi-function cabinet is made. The space next to it is made into a wine cabinet to maximize the use of space


highlight 4: the original structure of the bedroom has a large landscape window, and the space left for the bed is not very large, so in the graphic design, instead of putting a group of wardrobes like the traditional bedroom, the storage room is changed to be used as a dressing room to make the bed in the bedroom more comfortable


highlight 5: the original two toilets are too small; Considering the actual situation of the owner of the house, it is suggested that the two rooms should be connected into one, with shower, bathtub and laundry functions. In addition, there can be a comfortable two seat basin, and the space is relatively spacious

matching recommendation: this bed is noble and comfortable. It must be a highlight in the bedroom, showing gorgeous and elegant

case 2: enjoy peace with 74000 suits, 130 square meters, three bedrooms

decoration style: simple European style

family members: a family of three

house type: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms

reason for recommendation: put aside the cold steel and cement in the city, find a home for your heart, a home for your heart to rest. The designer of this case has created a European style glitz with a rough and open approach, without lacking natural breath, comfortable and comfortable, and felt his own tranquility in the glitz


highlight 1: the large sandstone relief at the entrance brightens people's eyes. The three-dimensional texture and exquisite technology all reveal the essence of ornate. The small elephants on both sides are auspicious objects in the house, making the home full of peace

living room

highlight 2: the space of the living room is simple without unnecessary decoration. The designer used several European elements to decorate it, making the space full of tranquility. Large area floor to ceiling windows enhance the light and expand the field of vision


highlight 3: the decoration of the bedroom is very simple, continuing the pink tone of the living room, and using wooden furniture, it looks thick and stable

highlight 4: at the bay window of the bedroom, the designer laid anti-corrosion wood in a unique way, so that you can feel the breath of nature even at home





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