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At the beginning of winter, many owners began to give up the decoration of new houses, one of the reasons is that most people prefer to follow the old concept that it is not suitable to break ground in winter; Moreover, the climate, New Year decoration and other reasons make home decoration very inconvenient in winter. However, the fact is quite the opposite. Home decoration in winter also has incomparable advantages over other seasons

◆ three advantages of home decoration in winter

first, material inspection. In winter home decoration, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can test the wood and construction quality. It only takes a month or two, and the potential problems will be reflected. At this time, it can be modified or removed immediately before painting and handover

second, heating effect. You can experience heating directly in winter, and the room temperature can be adjusted at any time if it is not ideal. Even if you use other methods, you can change the decoration or heating methods at any time

third, home decoration design. There are few people in home decoration in winter. Many home decoration companies will let multiple designers work together to make a design, and the service is in place. Consumers can also choose several decoration companies and change them repeatedly according to their own ideas

◆ four worries about home decoration in winter

first of all, I'm worried that the tiles won't stick. In fact, there are standards for home decoration conditions. Decoration can be carried out as long as it is above zero degrees Celsius

secondly, paint is also a topic of concern. Generally, the paint construction temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, and the varnish application temperature should not be lower than 8 ℃, so the paint construction is no problem

again, worry about wood deformation. As long as you pay more attention in the maintenance and transportation process, you can rest assured of decoration

finally, I'm worried about the delay of the construction period due to the Spring Festival holiday

◆ expert opinion: turn disadvantages into advantages

now most home improvement companies have solved the problems of home improvement in technology and materials in winter. As long as the owner chooses a formal and qualified home improvement company, cross year decoration is not impossible. In addition, according to the information from the building materials market at the end of the year, the prices of many materials and decoration may rise after the festival. If you rush to decorate and prepare building materials before the new year, you can also catch the last bus to save money

although there are defects in cross year decoration, in a sense, starting at this time also has advantages that are not available in other seasons. Under certain conditions, disadvantages can be turned into advantages

cross year decoration is conducive to the inspection of concealed works. Because water and electricity and woodworking are the first parts to be done in the decoration. The woodworking project will be completed before the festival, and it will be placed for about 20 days, which will help to expose the hidden problems. For example, the moisture content in the middle of the wood is still high, which is easy to stretch, crack and deform. After the Spring Festival shutdown, the shrinkage of the wood is basically completed, reducing the possibility of deformation in the future. As long as the problem is rectified, the construction can be carried out quickly

at the same time, the quality of the construction team is more guaranteed by choosing the New Year decoration. Usually, winter is the off-season for home decoration. If all the projects of a decoration company are completed and the construction workers go home for the new year, the home decoration company will run out of workers after the new year. Therefore, if there is a cross year decoration project, most formal decoration companies will allow excellent construction workers to participate, avoiding the huge pressure of employment after the Spring Festival, which undoubtedly ensures the quality of the project




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