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Join hands for win-win results. Leisaicheng invites software partners

leisaicheng invites a large number of software development enterprises or individuals related to automation equipment/CNC equipment to become our partners to join hands for win-win results and create a better future for China's equipment and manufacturing industry

to thank the vast number of developers for their enthusiastic participation, for the first batch of successful registered partners, leisai will choose the top 20 successful registered partners to give 100 yuan as a free call fee, and choose the best 3 to give away the tablet computer

go with leisai and get more:

leisai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in China's motion control industry with the longest operation history, the strongest R & D strength, the most complete product series, the largest production and marketing scale and the highest market share. Leisai sincerely invites enterprises or individuals with the ability to develop software related to automation equipment/CNC equipment to become our partners

welcome to register as a leisai software partner. You will get:

a. huge customer resources

leisai has been deeply involved in China's motion control industry for 15 years. Leisai's motion control platform products have more than 1200 direct customers (equipment manufacturing enterprises), and more than 100000 automatic equipment have been equipped with leisai's various motion control cards/controllers. Leisai's products enjoy a reputation in many of our manufacturing industries

leisai has established a nationwide sales network and has an experienced sales team with strong combat effectiveness. Leisai sales engineers have a large number of customer resources and equipment manufacturers. Equipment manufacturers often need to develop software to meet their equipment process requirements. When there is a demand for software projects, rexay will give priority to recommending our software partners to customers to develop software for them, or directly sell existing software. Therefore, to register as a software partner of rexay means that you will have vast customer resources

b. reliable market information

the uncertainty of market demand is a common dilemma in software development. In the face of customers with uncertain demand and industries with uncertain development trend, whether to invest in development and how much energy to develop? The investment in development is afraid that the software sales will not be sufficient and the income will be very small; If you don't invest in development, you may miss business opportunities. Most small and medium-sized automation software developers often face this dilemma by strengthening basic research and technology accumulation

this dilemma can be suddenly cleared up by registering as a software partner of rexay. Leisai has a high-level market working team and many market information resources including the government, industry associations and authoritative media. The high investment in market information makes us see more accurately and further. We will provide key market information for software partners free of charge to help them grasp market opportunities and obtain stable income

c. higher profit margin

rexay will provide a number of services to ensure the profit margin of software partners, including:

◆ recommended quotation: according to the strength of customers, market potential of relevant industries and other aspects, recommend appropriate software quotations to software partners to help improve the negotiation and transaction probability between software developers and equipment manufacturers

◆ coordinated development costs: due to the large initial investment in software development, software developers may need to collect part of the initial development costs in advance. According to the requirements of software partners, rexay can help persuade customers to pay part of the initial development costs

◆ late profit protection: as the late cost of software is low, software developers may be under pressure to reduce prices after the software is loaded. Leisai will make use of the influence of its large platform to help software partners maintain software profits at a reasonable level

d. strong support network

leisai has a strong technical support network, and experienced engineers all over the country are providing customers with technical support services such as product installation, debugging and troubleshooting. By registering as a software partner of leisai, you will have the opportunity to share leisai's technical support resources, so as to save your own technical support costs, improve market response ability and win better customer reputation

e. a broad promotion platform

leisai invests a lot of money in product publicity and promotion every year. Major exhibitions in various manufacturing and automation industries participate in the exhibition, and maintains cooperative relations with mainstream media in the industry all the year round. For the excellent software (solutions) developed by leisai software partners, we can carry out bundled promotion on the exhibition, media print advertising, leisai forum and other platforms attended by leisai to help software partners expand the popularity and influence of their software products. Leisai promotion platform is free for software partners to share

register leisai software partner now

registration process:

1 Fill in the application form for registration of leisai software partners

download address (click download)

2 Submit the registration application form and other attachments, including:

copy of personal ID card (personal application)

copy of ID card and business license of the legal representative of the applicant (company application)

3. After leisai passed the review, it signed or confirmed the cooperation agreement of the solution agency to solve the fault, and successfully registered.

contact information:

the technical parameters of Shenzhen leisai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. are all exposed.

contact person: Miss Ao



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