Trends of the hottest differentiated fiber Market

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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- the prospect is very decadent. Shengze chemical fiber Market (12.28)

business agency on December 29 - the overall sales of differentiated cationic silk FDY Market are good. Fdy66d and 150D are very popular. At present, the ex factory prices are 10000 yuan/t and 8400 yuan/t respectively. However, POY and DTY are generally sold. It is expected that cationic silk prices will continue to be moderately adjusted in the future. The trading volume of polyester/polyester composite fiber market decreased, and the price trend was barely stable. The overall market of polyester fiber in the future will continue the trend of fatigue. The sales volume of polyester/nylon composite filament is not large, and the price trend is unstable. Now the downstream fabric is weak. In the future, the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will tend to be weak; The trading volume of island composite wire market is stable, and the price trend remains stable

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