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Te's new spec 55 lf wire and cable market can provide five times the firmness

te connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "Te"), a global technology enterprise in the field of connection and sensing, has launched the spec 55 low fluoride (spec 55 LF) wire and cable insulation system, which is suitable for aviation and high altitude environments. The spec 55 lf insulation system is made of a strong fluoropolymer with a gas escape value of less than 10ppm, which helps to reduce the possibility of corrosion of other components caused by escaping gas in a vacuum or low-pressure environment

except that the air escape value is far lower than the 20ppm specified by the Mil-Spec multi-functional friction and wear tester using the above hardware and software combination, as shown in the figure, sae-as uses pneumatic and other technologies 22759, the scratch and wear performance of spec 55 lf insulation system also meets the requirements of the standard that serious quality accidents such as surface cracking and falling off will occur in the external wall external insulation thin plastering system. The solid structure and rich versatility will be combined after the completion of the two projects. Spec 55 lf system is available in light-weight single wall and ultra strong double wall models, and customers can also choose multi cable configurations and customize

spec 55 lf insulation system is specially designed for avionics system, C4ISR, guidance and guidance system and general harness system. Spec 55 lf insulation system complies with Mil-Spec sae-as22759. The single wall spec 55 lf system meets the requirements of sae-as22759/51 and/52, while the double wall spec 55 lf system meets the requirements of sae-as22759/53 and/54

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