The hottest TDI market encounters black may

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TDI market encounters "black may"

tdi market encounters "black may"

after May 21, 2019

"May Day" holiday, the weight of T non-metallic materials accounts for about 1/3di market. After a short weak consolidation, the price plummeted. On the list of chemical products decline according to Zhongyu information statistics, the weekly decline reached 16.54%, ranking the first. At present, supported by the good quality of sliding block for maintenance: 200g (specification), the decline of TDI market has slowed down, but the insiders believe that with the downstream demand entering the off-season, it is difficult for the TDI market to be a large coating in May

it is difficult for manufacturers to support prices.

Li Hong, manager of marketing department of Shandong Zhonghai Chemical Group Co., Ltd., said that after the "May Day" holiday, all parties in the TDI floor were inertial to wait and see, and profit taking was safe. Wanhua factory has been overhauled. In addition, the factory is in a state of negative inventory as a whole, and the offer of mainstream merchants is still firm. However, affected by the Sino US trade war, the industry is pessimistic about the aftermarket of TDI. Downstream buyers buy up but sell down. Merchants take the initiative to lower their quotations, and TDI prices continue to fall

as the price continues to decline, the factory can not help but raise the quotation to support the market. For example, the TDI guidance price of Cisco was raised by 1000 yuan (ton price, the same below) to 18500 yuan, and Wanhua chemical was also raised to 18500 yuan. After the injection of two strong control electromechanical rotating agents, the market inquiry atmosphere slightly increased, a small number of just needed small orders filled positions, and the trading volume also increased slightly. The market closed down temporarily, but sometimes the transaction price was lower than the mainstream market price

as for the future market, Li Hong said that at present, the maintenance of Wanhua chemical, Gansu Yinguang, Huludao Lianshi chemical and other devices should have stabilized and recovered rapidly, but the downstream inventory is still high and the desire to buy is low. Dominated by the negative strength, the TDI market is difficult to turn for the better, and there is still no lack of risk of stabilizing and exploring

According to wangquanping, chief engineer of Shandong Kenli Petrochemical Group, the Asian market trend of TDI raw material toluene has declined recently, and the international crude oil futures price has continued to decline, resulting in lack of confidence in the future market. In addition, the demand performance is weak, the domestic toluene market atmosphere is weak, and the price is down, which is difficult to bring cost support to the TDI market

in the international market, the toluene Market in Europe and the United States fluctuated and fell. Among them, the demand in the United States continued to be weak and the market activity continued to be low. In addition, the crude oil futures price fluctuated and fell recently. The cost was not supported enough in the toluene Market, the merchants were pessimistic, and the toluene price fell slowly. In addition, the recent weakening trend of rbob gasoline price has also brought some bad news to the domestic toluene Market

in addition, affected by the downward trend of international crude oil futures price volatility, the market price of naphtha in Asia fell by 2.1% month on month, and the profit of toluene in Asia fell rapidly. However, due to the recent sharp decline in the price of toluene in Asia, with a month on month decline of 4.08%, which is far from the decline of naphtha, the price of toluene extraction hovers on the edge of profit and loss

in addition to cost pressure, domestic toluene is also facing inventory pressure. At present, the total inventory of North and South ports is about 76000 tons. Especially in South China, there are many cargoes arriving at the port, but the market consumption is slow, and the toluene inventory has increased significantly

insiders believe that the demand for fine chemicals and solvents in the downstream of toluene is weak. In addition, due to the recent escalation of Sino US trade frictions and the slow digestion of inventories, it is expected that the price of toluene will not increase, and the cost support of TDI market is weak

downstream demand is not favorable

industry insiders said that may is the off-season of TDI traditional demand. In addition to rigid demand, the end-users have limited overall market digestion capacity and high inventory, so there is no good expectation on the demand side

at present, due to Sino US trade frictions and other factors, the export of TDI downstream end products such as sofas and car cushions is poor, and the export orders of many enterprises have been cancelled, which has affected the demand of TDI to a certain extent. On the other hand, due to the continuous introduction of domestic real estate market regulation policies, the real estate industry is in a downturn, and the furniture market sales are poor

from the perspective of another downstream soft foam polyether, after the May Day holiday, the market price of propylene oxide, the raw material of soft foam polyether in Shandong Province, fell sharply. Although the decline was based on the expectation of the end market in the off-season in mid and late May, the magnitude of the decline was unexpected. Led by the decline of propylene oxide, the polyether market in the northern region fell broadly, and the prices of major factories decreased. At present, the price of soft foam polyether has fallen by 500 yuan

"at present, the negative situation in the polyether market has not been relieved, and the downstream is in the off-season, so the consumption of polyether is slow, which has become the biggest negative situation restricting the development of TDI market." Wangquanping analyzed

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