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Tektronix sentry monitoring solution has won the fierce 15 award of fiercecable

Beijing, China. November 19, 2010 - the market leader of broadcast video testing, monitoring and analysis solutions - Tektronix recently announced that its award-winning sentry digital content monitor has become one of the 15 products of the fierce 15 award of fiercecable, and is the only video network monitoring solution. The winners selected by the personnel of fiercecable are service providers and manufacturers that provide independent products or services to the rapidly changing cable TV industry

sentry is well received for its advanced audio loudness monitoring function that supports cable TV operators to identify audio loudness problems in TV programs and commercials. This is particularly significant when the US Congress is promoting the commercial advertising loudness mitigation (calm) law for super loudness advertising. The calm law will require cable TV operators and other video service providers to ensure that the loudness of commercial advertisements inserted in their programs is not greater than the loudness of the programs themselves. Sentry is currently the only product that can monitor hundreds of cable channels in real time, which enables video service providers to comprehensively and continuously monitor their program channels to identify loud commercials

sentry, a high-end general-purpose experimental equipment, has won nine awards so far, and fierce 15 is its latest industry award. Sentry is the most advanced content monitoring solution in the cable TV industry. Nine of the top ten cable TV operators in the United States use it to help identify, diagnose and repair video and audio errors to improve the viewing experience of viewers

our video monitoring solution has been very brilliant this year. Not only has its advanced audio monitoring function won many awards, but also customers who rely on it to solve the loudness problem that has plagued the audience for many years have greatly appreciated it. Eric Conley, vice president of video network monitoring at tech, said that our customers know that when they cooperate with us, they can obtain the best experience quality solution in the current market

for more articles on sentry and other solutions that won this year's fierce 15 awards, please visit:. Its performance greatly exceeds the type of fiber itself

about sentry monitoring solution

sentry is a comprehensive content monitoring solution for cable TV, communication, IPTV and other video service providers. Its export volume will break 26billion US dollars. Sentry supports early detection, diagnosis and repair of video and audio errors (i.e. picture solidification, macro blocking, audio loss, etc.), no matter when or where they occur in the network, so service providers can provide excellent quality services to ensure that users get the best quality of experience (QoE). Sen gives full play to the public service diagnosis ability of the industrial energy conservation and green evaluation center. Try to achieve this through its unprecedented network abnormal visibility at the IP and MPEG layers, the scalability of all programs in the monitoring network, and the unique function combination of real-time and all-weather (24/7) operation. Sentry's performance has been fully verified in the deployment of global service providers, including nine of the top ten cable TV operators in the United States

about Tektronix

for more than 60 years, engineers have been seeking test, measurement and monitoring solutions from Tektronix to meet design challenges, improve production efficiency and significantly shorten the time to market. Tektronix is a leading supplier of test instruments, providing support to engineers who focus on electronic design, manufacturing and advanced technology development. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, the United States, Tektronix provides award-winning services and support to customers worldwide. For advanced technology, please log in

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