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Teana V6 engine sales topped the list

just when many automobile manufacturers were "cool" in the off-season, Dongfeng Nissan came the news of "hot". A few days ago, Dongfeng Nissan officially announced that the cumulative sales of Teana V6 engine exceeded 300000 units, standing out among the rest of the world and taking the title of sales champion in China, creating a single engine sales record in China

it is understood that the V6 engine carried by Teana is the fourth generation VQ series engine of Nissan. Based on the development concept of "feather", it has won the "one of the world's top ten engines will appear in an intermediate form Award" in Ward's autoworld for 14 consecutive times, which has become a legend in the history of Nissan's engine research and development, and even in the history of engine technology in the world's automobile history

the recognized technical standard for high-end vehicles in all our plastic industries has always been the V6 engine. In the current medium and high-end vehicle market, the mainstream products of some vehicle enterprises are equipped with L4 engines. However, due to cost and enterprise strategy considerations, some medium and high-end vehicle enterprises no longer adhere to the V6 technical standard for medium and high-end vehicles. "In fact, new Teana adheres to the technical standard of V6, not only in terms of technology if the quality is stable, but also in terms of the value of medium and high-end vehicles based on the advantages of V6." Mr. Wang emphasized

for consumers, buying a medium and high-end car means dignity, honor and comfort. Before Xintian's low-temperature experiment, does Xintian dry the studio? The cylinder body of the V6 engine uses a V-shaped 60 degree included angle design to ensure the high stability of the engine during operation, which not only eliminates the impact during gear shifting and torque transmission, but also ensures that the engine maintains the best torque during driving, realizing strong power, It also achieves low fuel consumption

according to industry experts, the engine battle in the medium and high-end car market will continue and spread in the future. The new Teana V6 will enable the new Teana and even the Dongfeng Nissan brand to reach a new height, gain a competitive advantage, and become the real value leader in the medium and high-end car market

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