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Heli corps' strong landing at 2014cemat Asia

Heli corps' strong landing at 2014cemat Asia

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It was grandly held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, Well known material handling equipment manufacturers at home and abroad "From BYK's more than 30 years of development history and achievements in China, we can see that their own characteristic products are participating on the same stage. In order to further deepen the friendship and contact with new and old customers, the company's leaders Zhang Dejin, Yang Anguo, Xu Lin and maqingfeng came to the exhibition site during the exhibition period, and actively exchanged and discussed with many domestic and foreign merchants, which was warmly welcomed and highly praised by the majority of merchants.

colorful balls and flags fluttered in the wind outside the venue Yang, there are rows of featured products of exhibitors in the venue. At booth A2 of hall W1, which is solemn and grand, the all-in-one "Heli Hong" is particularly dazzling and has become the biggest highlight of the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition on the 27th, the Heli booth was crowded with leaders of relevant associations such as the China Federation of logistics and purchasing, the industrial vehicle branch and many visiting businessmen at home and abroad to discuss the performance advantages and intelligent manufacturing of Heli's new products. Heli Corps has a complete range of models to participate in the exhibition - G series and new H series internal combustion forklifts, high-performance lithium battery forklifts and environmentally friendly and energy-saving electric storage vehicles. The new energy forklift with lithium battery as the power source is energy-saving, environment-friendly, easy to maintain and fast to charge; The new H series forklift adopts a fully suspended cab, which effectively reduces vibration and noise, and is safe, reliable and comfortable to operate; The G series forklift has a wide field of vision and greatly improves its stability. In addition, the newly launched Heli new mini Superman safety and energy saving consumes only 2 kW per day. In addition to EPS electronic power steering, the intelligent forward moving forklift is also equipped with a 12.5-meter super high gantry, making it the highest forklift in the audience... This exhibition, heli always runs through the theme of "intelligence, innovation, environmental protection, new energy", Adhere to the previous leading technology to provide customers with efficient and fast transportation equipment and high-quality services. At the CeMAT Asia innovation salon in the morning of that day, Zhou Qiqi, deputy chief engineer of the joint stock company, was invited to attend and give a keynote speech on "technological innovation, using IPD ideas to create high-quality forklifts for the cold storage industry"

during the exhibition, the daily reception of Heli booth will check whether the amplifier unit is normal after troubleshooting the displacement sensor First disconnect the output signal of the amplifier unit Remove the output wiring, add a DC input signal to the amplifier unit through the workstation, and measure the output of the amplifier unit. After repeated several times, the measured output signal of the amplifier unit shows a linear change trend, so as to determine that the amplifier unit is normal The number of visitors has always been maintained at 500 or 600, making it one of the most popular booths in the whole exhibition. While providing efficient and high-quality stacked products and services for many visitors at home and abroad, heli takes turns to perform three wonderful literary and artistic performances every day - soul stirring acrobatics, unpredictable Sichuan opera face changing, fresh and elegant tea art show and Yu Yinxiao's folk music performance, all of which give visitors classical and graceful audio-visual enjoyment; The on-site Q & a meeting with the theme will ignite the participation passion of the visiting merchants again and again...

this 2014 Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition, and join forces to promote a number of new and upgraded products such as G series and new H series internal combustion forklifts, electric storage vehicles, etc., which are not only the display of products, but also the guidance and call of Heli, as the leader of national industrial vehicles, to move forward steadily in the scientific development of the industry

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