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On October 15, the 12th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition (BICES) was grandly opened in Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center. Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and Zhang Jie, Secretary General of industrial vehicles branch of China Construction Machinery Association, were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition and the new product release conference of Heli. Zhangdejin, chairman of the group company, Dengli, marketing director of the joint stock company, zhangyingquan, deputy general manager of the joint stock company, and liuhansheng, a veteran leader of the company attended the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is "first opportunity, value innovation". Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., as one of the top ten forklift manufacturers in the world and the leader of China's forklift manufacturing industry for 22 consecutive years, has meticulously created independent innovative products and launched a new series of products at the exhibition, which has attracted high attention from Chinese and foreign merchants

Qijun, chairman of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and zhangdejin, chairman of Heli, visited the exhibition booth, and a large number of businessmen came to consult and negotiate. The company's leaders and staff introduced the properties and characteristics of the products to the Chinese and foreign businessmen who came to consult, and demonstrated the new products on site. When visiting Heli's new products, chairman Qi Jun and Secretary General Zhang Jie spoke highly of Anhui Heli's important contribution to the technological progress and innovative development of China's new industrial vehicles by taking revitalizing the national forklift industry as their own responsibility and persisting in independent innovation

Anhui Heli, as the leader of domestic industrial vehicles, is associated with China International Construction Machinery Exhibition BICES through independent innovation. The Heli booth is located in the e355900 square meters exhibition area of Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center. The whole exhibition area is dominated by Heli red. For example, the generation 8 and generation 8.5 LCD panel production lines have been successfully put into operation. In fact, they are not so bright and spectacular. Tall front cranes, stackers and loaders are placed on both sides of the booth in turn. In the middle are all kinds of environmentally friendly and energy-saving electric and internal combustion forklifts. Eight new products, including the new H2000 3T dual fuel hydraulic forklift, were grandly launched in this exhibition. In accordance with the current national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, the products have diesel vehicles, LNG and dual fuel forklifts that meet the national environmental protection standards. In particular, 3T dual fuel hydraulic forklifts are designed for high-density storage with accurate design positioning and beautiful appearance. Their clean strength usually refers to the ability of materials to resist elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture under the action of external forces. Environmental friendly liquefied natural gas is used as fuel, It has fundamentally improved the environmental pollution caused by the operation, which has aroused the great interest of many Chinese and foreign businessmen. They have stopped to witness the wonderful appearance of this star product. 3T dual fuel hydraulic forklift has further filled the technical gap in China's industrial vehicle industry and enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the international market

in the morning of the same day, at the new product conference held in Heli exhibition area, chairman Zhang Dejin first delivered a welcome speech. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to China Construction Machinery Industry Association for its care and support for the development of Anhui Heli for many years, thanked the Chinese and foreign users of Heli products, and warmly welcomed the Chinese and foreign businessmen and friends from all walks of life who came to watch and consult, It was also announced that one of the tested engineering products may also open the experimental force booth in different environmental experimental equipment. Later, President Qi Jun and Secretary General Zhang Jie spoke respectively, highly praising Heli as a leading enterprise in China's industrial vehicle industry and the first Chinese enterprise to enter the top ten in the world's industrial vehicle industry; Heli is also an industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and export enterprise with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain and the best comprehensive strength and economic benefits in China; Heli brand is one of the most important symbols in the field of industrial vehicles in China

at the new product launch, there were also wonderful collective instrument ensemble, mechanical dance, heli company introduction, and interactive product feature Q & A activities. Create a strong atmosphere of popularity for Heli booth

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