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Qingbaijiang 300 million yuan to build glass curtain wall production base

on the 13th, the fire resistance test method of building components gb/t 9978 ⑴ 999 (ISO834 ⑴ 999) the glass curtain wall production base project of Shenzhen Ruihua Construction Co., Ltd. was officially signed and settled in Qingbaijiang

the machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance and reliable performance. The total investment of the project is 300million yuan. It mainly produces ordinary glass and photovoltaic glass curtain walls. After being completed and put into operation, it can achieve an annual sales revenue of 2billion yuan. Its successful settlement will also play a positive role in the expansion and strengthening of the Qingbaijiang glass deep processing industrial chain. Tao Weijian, the entrepreneurial talent of "Fudi talents" in Jurong City, will also take root in the park with his environmental protection shell project, and build a Western glass and deep processing industrial base

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