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Baidu AI Cloud × Heli Yijie continues to upgrade the user experience in the name of intelligent customer service

around the concept of customer experience first, the customer service industry has achieved a disruptive upgrade from traditional manual customer service to smart customer service for chlorinated titanium dioxide and sponge titanium production services. Moreover, one thing is certain that the improvement of the preparation level and scope of ceramic membrane materials for high-temperature flue gas and sewage treatment will make a greater breakthrough with the continuous empowerment of AI technology

Beijing Heli Yijie Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heli Yijie) is a benchmark enterprise in the field of customer service. It mainly provides call center systems, intelligent cloud customer service systems, group business support software and other services for telecom operators, education and training, finance and insurance, express logistics, e-commerce, automobile travel and other industries

it is worth mentioning that the smart customer services you enjoy from China Unicom, EMS, 58 city, tal, Zhaopin, and Weilai automobile all contribute to Yijie

on the road of intelligent customer service, heli Yijie has always been a partner with Baidu AI Cloud. By integrating Baidu AI Cloud AI technology with intelligent customer service solutions, heli Yijie continues to create good achievements in the field of intelligent customer service

how about the cooperation between the two sides in 3D printers

Zhang Yu, general manager of Heli Yijie Telecom division, is the most appropriate metaphor: Baidu AI Cloud is like a mountain, heli Yijie is like water, and only when there are mountains and water can a very viable ecosystem be formed. At present, with the support of Baidu AI Cloud cooperation ecosystem, the two sides have successfully created industry benchmark cases such as China Unicom intelligent customer service project

deepen the source of cooperation and empower intelligent customer service

at the beginning of 2018, heli Yijie and Baidu AI Cloud opened cooperation on the new customer service project of China Unicom. Since then, the two sides have established a close cooperative relationship

compared with other partners, heli Yijie attaches great importance to the AI capability of Baidu AI Cloud

Zhang Yu, general manager of Heli Yijie Telecom division, said: as an AI leader, Baidu AI Cloud can provide rich technical support for customer service scenario applications, such as natural language understanding, dialogue management, natural language generation, knowledge map, etc. In addition, Baidu AI Cloud can also provide open ecological support for the industry

in the customer service industry, heli Yijie has excellent implementation ability and in-depth understanding of the application scenarios and technical requirements of intelligent customer service. For example, the training of the model requires data annotation of voice and semantics. Through standardized data standards and related training, heli Yijie will finally improve the model ability

based on this, both sides have more obvious advantages in the construction of intelligent customer service projects. Especially in the new stage of customer experience oriented, intelligent customer service is no longer a cold robot, but through the accurate identification of users' intentions, emotions and attitudes, it is necessary to form natural and smooth services, judge customers' needs in real time, and finally solve customer problems

Zhang Yu said: the implementation of intelligent customer service project is a complex and long process. In this context, the cooperation between the two sides is like electric drill and drill. Baidu AI Cloud plays the role of electric drill and provides power. In the landing of specific industries, it needs a professional drill such as Yijie to drill holes. In terms of specific projects, Baidu AI Cloud provides AI technology, and we will do upper level development, such as call center, customer service intelligent assistant, Unicom intelligent secretary, etc

from pilot to promotion and benchmarking

the new customer service project of China Unicom is a typical case of cooperation between the two sides. This project needs to complete the full implementation of new customer service in 31 provinces. Time is tight and the task is heavy. From design, planning to implementation, the two sides completed the pilot project in Heilongjiang Province in only 21 days

it should be noted that the project faces many challenges. The application of short construction period, large scale and intelligent technology puts forward higher requirements for both parties, and practical schemes and clear implementation ideas are essential

the combination of Heli Yijie and Baidu AI Cloud has become an inevitable choice. As early as 2000, heli Yijie started its cooperation with China Unicom. It knows the business of China Unicom very well and has been highly recognized by the other party. The excellent AI capability of Baidu AI Cloud and the rich experience in the customer service industry helped this cooperation

in the cooperation, both parties participate in the whole process and communicate closely in all stages of project planning, process sorting, landing and optimization. On the basis of tradition, the ability of AI service is increased. The two sides have jointly overcome the problems of interface docking and system integration, so that customers can feel the powerful AI ability of Baidu AI Cloud

the perfect performance of both parties in this project has been highly recognized by China Unicom Group

continue to cultivate the advantages of landscape ecology in depth

Baidu AI Cloud is the leader in the field of AI, and Heli Yijie is a senior player in the field of intelligent customer service. Both sides share resources and jointly promote the development of intelligent customer service industry

through specific projects, heli Yijie learned the experience of AI scene based landing, so as to provide ideas and inspiration for serving new customers. At the same time, relying on the experience of Heli Yijie in specific industries, Baidu AI Cloud a has a better landing scene when it does the friction coefficient

Zhang Yu said: after joining Baidu AI Cloud ecosystem, the biggest gain of Heli Yijie is to create a closed loop for the landing of AI services. Now, heli Yijie has established a team of intelligent customer service projects, forming a complete system from customer contact, to application, to optimization, and providing localized services for customers

it is foreseeable that the value of intelligent customer service will continue to grow, and the wonderful chapter of win-win cooperation between the two sides will be written again. In the next cooperation, heli Yijie and Baidu AI Cloud will continue to strengthen cooperation and accelerate the implementation of intelligent customer service in aviation, finance and other fields. Mountains and rivers depend on each other and contribute to the ecological prosperity of intelligent customer service

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