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Baidu employees earned 67000 yuan by deleting posts for half a month, which has been approved for arrest.

Baidu employees cooperated inside and outside, and used their authority to delete posts, so as to make profits. In half a month, this employee received a benefit fee of 67400 yuan. Yesterday, it was learned from Haidian procuratorate that Xu and Lu were approved to be arrested by Haidian prosecutors on the crime of bribery of non state staff for charges of deleting posts

before the incident, 30-year-old Xu was the user operation management specialist of the community search Department of Beijing Baidu news Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the bar owner complaint and bar owner review in Baidu Post Bar

in mid May this year, Xu discussed with his former colleague Lu that Lu would be responsible for contacting external people who need to delete posts. Xu used his authority to delete posts in order to make money. Both parties agreed that 30% of the benefit fee belongs to Lu. After confirming that the post has been deleted, the person who needs to delete the post will transfer the benefit fee to Lu's account at the price of 300 yuan per post. After receiving the money, Lu paid a benefit fee to Xu at the price of 200 yuan per post. Lu transferred the benefit fee from his Alipay account to Xu's Alipay account by purchasing virtual goods at Xu's Taobao store

it is understood that on the evening of May 29, Mr. Lu handed Mr. Xu 76 Lou Huafen wood powder high fill in his speech, pointing out a post to be deleted. After that night, Lu used his Alipay account to transfer the benefit fee of 15200 yuan to Xu's Alipay account. After receiving the money, Xu transferred the money from Alipay account to his computer's bank account that needs to receive digital signals and has various communication methods. By June 8, Xu had collected a total of 67400 yuan from Lu in nine times

on July 13 this year, after finding that a large number of posts were deleted, Liu, manager of the anti fraud Department of Baidu network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., reported the case. Recently, Mr. Xu and Mr. Lu were arrested by the prosecution on the charge of accepting bribes from non state staff


previously, there were media reports that with the development of Internet, deleting "negative information has become a potential business. The scope of deleting posts includes portals, forum communities, video stations, blogs, search engines, etc

the relevant person in charge of Baidu company once told the media that there are three main cases of illegal deletion of Posts: first, enterprises or individuals who have requests to delete posts do not have untrue or infringement elements. They delete this post mainly for the consideration of their own image, which is an illegal operation to try to control the direction of legal public opinion; Second, the normal deletion of Posts requires verification time, and the psychological urgency of the applicants for deletion of posts; Third, many friends did not carefully read the relevant instructions of the post bar when registering, and did not understand the process of deleting posts. When they encountered things, they were even in a hurry, blindly trying to contact illegal channels of deleting posts

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