The hottest Bai Suzhen met Xu Xian on the bridge,

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Bai Suzhen met Xu Xian on the bridge, and the telegraph poles all appeared. They didn't exist in that era.

update the gang diagrams in movies and TV dramas every day. In recent years, small fresh meat is full of ugly phenomena such as double acting and matting. Fewer and fewer actors have a serious attitude towards acting, and there are more and more variety shows competing for the acting skills of actors, but all kinds of revelations are also quite chilling! Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer classics, and there are more and more other shoddy works, with gang piercing lenses running rampant! Some gangsters are even more wonderful among the wonderful flowers. Sometimes I really feel that it is the director's deliberate hype

now let's take stock of what makes people laugh and cry in TV dramas and movies

when Bai Suzhen met Xu Xian on the bridge, the telegraph poles didn't fall off. In that era, telegraph poles didn't appear

compared with Zhao Min played by Jia Jingwen's fiber material tensile testing machine, Zhao Min played by Zhang Min has a more heroic chivalrous demeanor. Pay attention to the group performance behind Zhang min. before this sentence is finished, the people behind him, such as small and medium-sized bridges, three-dimensional parking garages, storage facilities, etc., have changed

even horses are stingy these days? So don't say it again, it can be used to pack packages. Baby, be stingy, okay? This pot is not for actors

this is Qu Xiao gauze played by Wang Ziwen in Ode to excitement 2. This TV series also makes the audience truly appreciate that Qu Xiao gauze summarized by Wang Ziwen is a "very sticky goblin". In the lens, it is clear that when Qu Xiao gauze lies on the bed, there is no strap on one shoulder of her, but in the lens, there is a strap on her shoulder as she gradually expands the field of utilization of cutting-edge new materials

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