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Xishui Baijiu packaging material industrial park has been put into centralized production

release date: Source: Zunyi evening news

in recent years, Xishui county has seized the development opportunity to rebuild the original warm water manufacturing park into Baijiu by replacing birds with cages. Common faults 2: Packaging Material Industrial Park, actively connect with national excellent packaging material enterprises, and provide multiple preferential policies to attract enterprises to settle in. At present, Xishui has successively introduced 17 Baijiu packaging materials supporting enterprises, of which 11 enterprises have settled in Wenshui park. 1 the difference between dynamic fatigue testing machine and servo fatigue on October 29, Xishui Baijiu supporting industrial park was put into production, and the Baijiu supporting industrial base of Guizhou Moutai group and the rural demonstration base of Guizhou branch of China Construction Bank were officially licensed on the same day

Baijiu supporting industrial park

it is understood that 2020 is the year to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the end of the 13th five year plan. Facing the historical development opportunities, Xishui county takes the "three-year main attack and industrial doubling" as the goal, takes the Baijiu industry as the primary industry, unswervingly makes full use of liquor, expands the wine world, and pays close attention to the industrial chain. In order to push more and more plastic enterprises to focus on the recycling of waste plastics and promote the high-quality development of Baijiu industry, Xishui county is focusing on the production, packaging and sales of Maotai flavor Baijiu, and is striving to build an industrial cluster of Baijiu packaging projects

as a major Baijiu County in Guizhou, Xishui has good conditions to build an industrial cluster of Baijiu packaging projects in the southwest. In addition to convenient transportation roads such as "three expressways", "Luzhou Renhuai 1-hour traffic circle" and "Zunyi Yibin 2-hour traffic circle", it also has a broad domestic and foreign market. There are 28 Maotai flavor Baijiu enterprises such as Xijiu company and Maotai 201 factory in the county, and the sales volume of Baijiu exceeds 10 billion; The sales of Baijiu in Baijiu producing areas such as Renhuai, Luzhou and Yibin outside the county exceed 100 billion, and the market prospect of Baijiu supporting industry is considerable

"the industrial cluster of Baijiu packaging project will radiate the market of Xishui and the surrounding Baijiu producing areas, and will further promote the extension of Baijiu industrial chain while improving the local packaging matching rate." The relevant person in charge of the administrative committee of Xishui economic and Technological Development Zone told that Baijiu packaging materials enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises. Entering the park can not only improve the supporting services of Baijiu industry, but also bring jobs

it is reported that Xishui county has formulated preferential policies such as "opinions on supporting the high-quality development of Baijiu industry" for enterprises settling in Wenshui Baijiu supporting industrial park. Preferential policies provide three-year rent free period for settled enterprises, and support and reward enterprises with new investment and construction scale of 5000 tons or more, new enterprises entering the regulation and unification, and enterprises recognized for scientific research and innovation

Xishui sauce wine industry has entered a new milestone

it is understood that as early as late May, the matching of supply and demand between Baijiu enterprises and packaging enterprises, a series of activities of "strengthening the connection between production and marketing and promoting coordinated development" of the province's top ten industrial industries, was held in Xishui County. During the event, the heads of well-known Baijiu production enterprises and key packaging enterprises in the province visited the Wenshui Baijiu supporting industrial park. At the same time, eight packaging materials enterprises and production lines introduced by Xishui also made "appearances" in the event

from January to July this year, eight packaging materials enterprises, including Guizhou Xishui meiyingsen Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Xishui Zhongfei Packaging Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Xishui Zhongcai Packaging Co., Ltd., introduced by Xishui County through investment attraction, have settled in Wenshui park. "The total investment amount of the enterprises settled in July reached 1.51 billion, and the relay team where he works broke the record, involving cartons, wine bottles, cartons, etc. of Baijiu packaging materials." The relevant person in charge of the administrative committee of Xishui economic and Technological Development Zone said that at present, 7 of the 11 enterprises settled in the Wenshui park have been put into production

"the completion and operation of the park symbolizes that the development of sauce and wine industry in Xishui county has entered a new milestone." At the awarding ceremony of Baijiu supporting industry base of Guizhou Moutai group, the relevant person in charge said that the completion and operation of the park will effectively shorten the supply radius, reduce procurement costs, improve quality assurance, facilitate timely coordination and communication between enterprises and suppliers, and effectively improve the ability and level of enterprises to cope with risks by matching the packaging industry cluster nearby

solve employment and achieve output value

it is reported that after the Baijiu packaging supporting industrial cluster in Xishui county is completed and put into operation, it can solve the employment of more than 6000 people, achieve an industrial output value of more than 3.5 billion, accounting for 1/3 of the Baijiu packaging material market in Guizhou Province, and can comprehensively radiate Baijiu producing areas such as Xishui, Renhuai, Luzhou, Yibin, etc

next, Xishui County will make every effort to build Xishui Wenshui Baijiu supporting industrial park into a park with strong comprehensive competitiveness, high modernization level, good industrial agglomeration effect and perfect supporting service functions

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