The hottest BAIC group was ranked No. 30 of China'

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BAIC group was ranked the fourth among the 2017 "top 30 Chinese auto industry"

BAIC group was ranked the fourth among the 2017 "top 30 Chinese auto industry"

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original title: BAIC group was ranked the fourth among the 2017 "top 30 Chinese auto industry"

because of its strength, it must be able to be honored. Recently, BAIC group won another honor with its strength - BAIC ranked fourth in the "2017 top 30 Chinese automobile industry"

BAIC Motor Co., Ltd. ranked fourth in the "2017 top 30 Chinese automobile industry"

the "information conference of top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and top 30 enterprises in the automobile industry" organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and China automobile industry association was held grandly. BAIC group was ranked 4th on the list of "2017 top 30 enterprises in China's automotive industry"

certificate of honor

BAIC group has always adhered to high-quality development as the leadership, strategic transformation as the main line, strengthened opening-up and cooperation, and stood at the forefront of industry development with the trend of sustainable development. In 2017, the main business indicators of BAIC group grew steadily, and its economic benefits reached a new high. The annual operating revenue was 470.34 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 70 billion yuan year-on-year, an increase of 15.8%, and profit increased by 14.4%. Adhering to the innovation drive and thoroughly implementing the transformation strategy, BAIC group's business in 2017 blossomed at many points. Not only continue to maintain the leading position in the field of new energy vehicles, but also strive to promote the "Beijing" off-road brand while excellently completing the national special tasks; Not only that, BAIC group is leading the luxury car market. Beijing Benz triumphed, selling 423000 vehicles throughout the year, and its operating revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan; Remarkable achievements have been made in transformation and upgrading. Strategic emerging industries such as auto parts, auto service trade, auto finance, travel services and general aviation are booming, and their contributions to the overall business performance of BAIC group are constantly improving

2017 is also a transparent year for some conductive materials, and a new era of "high-quality" development of China's economy is coming. Promoting high-quality development is not only the requirement of the new era, but also the fundamental strategy for enterprises to seek development. Based on the development achievements in 2017, in 2018, BAIC group put forward the strategic goal of "opening a new journey of high-quality development for BAIC group"

in the first half of 2018, BAIC group achieved 1.203 million vehicle sales, a year-on-year increase of 7.6%. At the same time, the benefit index reached a new high, with the operating revenue increasing by 9.5% year-on-year, and the total profit increasing by 17.0% year-on-year. The profit growth was higher than the revenue growth, and the revenue growth was higher than the sales growth. The quality of operation was further improved, and showed a good development trend

BAIC Group continues to adhere to high-end manufacturing and high-end products. In the first half of the year, Beijing Benz continued its high growth trend, seizing the rapid growth opportunity of the luxury car market, we expanded the growth opportunity of this series, gave full play to the competitive advantages of products, and achieved sales of 252000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 19.6%. Beijing Hyundai's sales volume and benefit indicators have gradually picked up since the second half of last year, so it must be disassembled here to replace new ones. In the first half of this year, the sales volume reached 380000, with a year-on-year increase of 26.2%, returning to the ranks of mainstream auto enterprises

BAIC magic speed led the industry in MPV sales in June

BAIC group adheres to the premise of upward brand and upward product, and keeps all major sectors moving together. According to the statistics of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, BAIC Yinxiang 202 is the fastest-growing manufacturer in the MPV production enterprise sales list in June with relatively large friction and short service life. Relying on the strategic framework of BAIC group, BAIC magic speed of BAIC Yinxiang products is growing rapidly with emerging brand strength

BAIC magic speed has experienced four years of brilliant development since its establishment. From the dual V strategic layout, it adheres to the characteristics of high quality and excellent performance in products. Nowadays, enterprises are constantly evolving and comprehensively upgrading their product pedigree. In 2018, BAIC magic speed launched the high-quality dual V strategy, not only updating and reshaping the existing S-Series and H-series product lines, but also adding X-Series cutting-edge SUV series, striving to transform the product cost performance ratio to the product price ratio and comprehensively realize the brand improvement

if BAIC magic speed adheres to product orientation and guides the development direction of the brand, then adhering to the humanistic concept of "user first" has won the support of consumers for BAIC magic speed. Under the concept of "practice · dream", BAIC magic speed has realized the car dream of thousands of families and brought new lifestyles to consumers. In the future, BAIC magic speed will continue to understand user needs, follow the market development direction, and practice the beautiful vision of "driving a better life" with better products and more complete services


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