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On January 17, CCTV and Baidu announced that they had reached a cooperation. Baidu will participate in the red envelope interaction of the Spring Festival gala as the exclusive interactive platform for the 2019 Spring Festival Gala. Users can participate in the interaction and receive rich benefits through the latest version of Baidu app and other Baidu products

(detailed arrangement of four rounds of red envelopes in Baidu app Spring Festival Gala)

with the addition of Baidu, CCTV will gather bat on the stage of red envelopes in the Spring Festival Gala. Compared with the fierce competition of at in mobile payment for the right to interact with red envelopes in the Spring Festival Gala, Baidu's victory this year seems to be more in line, because this year's Spring Festival gala will not only issue red envelopes with a record high scale, but also bring Baidu's unique secret weapon - artificial intelligence

according to Wang Lu, vice president of Baidu, "the total amount of red envelopes in this year's Spring Festival gala will hit a record high, and Artificial Intelligence experience will be integrated into the red envelope interaction link for the first time, and Baidu's red envelope activities throughout the Spring Festival will continue from the small year to new year's Eve, which will bring new interactive experience to the general public." Of course, this also makes Baidu's latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence available to the public to a certain extent

(Baidu has become the exclusive online interactive platform of CCTV Spring Festival Gala)

after Tencent and Alibaba, Baidu, which came out at the end of the Spring Festival Gala stage, dared to resolutely throw out AI tricks, thanks to Baidu's rich construction achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years. At the end of last year, baidu won the silver medal of the 20th China Patent Award by the State Intellectual Property Office with three patents related to voice, machine translation and unmanned vehicles; The "AI technology patent analysis report" issued by the China Patent Protection Association also pointed out that Baidu ranks first among domestic AI patent applicants with 2368 applications. Baidu has made great achievements in the field of AI in 2018. With the help of the super program IP of the Spring Festival Gala, it shows the scientific and technological innovation achievements to the people all over the country and popularizes the concept of AI industry, which has become one of the important significance and value of Baidu holding hands with the Spring Festival Gala. The operation of plastic granulator touches on the broad field of the national economy

whether Tencent and Alibaba, or baidu this year, to participate in the online interaction of the Spring Festival Gala, we must have national products to ensure the breadth and experience of participation. In terms of the current Baidu product level, the overall daily active users of Baidu app exceed 160million, covering a total of more than 700million users. In the interactive cooperation of this Spring Festival, many Baidu products represented by Baidu app will participate in different forms, so that everyone can feel a stronger spring festival atmosphere

the Spring Festival Gala gathers bat, and the product level is the basic threshold for participation. But more importantly, it is the society behind bat to judge and analyze the value of product failure and failure mode during or after the experiment. At the 40th Anniversary Conference of reform and opening up a few months ago, the founders of bat three companies, as representatives of the Internet industry, won the title of "reform pioneer", which is the supreme honor for representatives of the Internet industry to obtain national recognition. After Qi won the title of pioneer, the Spring Festival Gala gathered again, and bat was given a special and firm industry leading position. The Spring Festival Gala interaction is the state of the technical standards of China's automobile enterprises, an interesting communication to give back to the whole people, and the best way for the pillar enterprises of the society to demonstrate their confidence in the development of innovative science and technology

in recent years, Tencent and Alibaba have carried out red envelope interaction with the Spring Festival Gala, which has further covered and penetrated sunken users, and "Internet life" has gradually become popular. As the strongest technology in bat, the cooperation between Baidu and the Spring Festival Gala is more expected in terms of technology presentation and application. In 2018, artificial intelligence developed rapidly at home and abroad. Both countries and people are full of hope for the future of the artificial intelligence industry. Baidu, which appeared as the finale of bat at the Spring Festival Gala, will play a positive role in promoting the popularity and coverage of artificial intelligence to the public and the development of the whole industry

bat interacts and cooperates with the Spring Festival Gala. In addition to the opportunity of "strong alliance" with its own IP attribute, the Spring Festival Gala also serves as a stage for the centralized display and release of the products, technologies and ideas of giant enterprises. In addition to the unprecedented enthusiasm of users, Internet enterprises are more concerned about the recognition and evaluation of themselves by the Spring Festival gala as a national discourse platform. Therefore, in this windy Internet "year-end exam", bat responded one after another, and took advantage of their respective advantages to actively develop and continue to create inexhaustible value for the society, he said

"Baidu occupies a leading position in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and so on. I believe that both of us can give full play to our strengths, combine the advantages of platform, technology and content, realize the all-round reunion of large and small screens, and build the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala into a high-level Spring Festival Gala that makes audiences happy and comfortable."

said Chen Linchun, deputy director of CCTV's large-scale program center and chief producer of the 2019 Spring Festival Gala

from the participation and promotion in the process of reform and opening up to the carnival interaction in the National Spring Festival Gala, bat has shouldered the mission and expectation given by the society again and again. This time, Baidu, the finale, will also join hands with the Spring Festival Gala to enter a new era of artificial intelligence

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