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According to what can PVC sheets be classified

pvc, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic resin formed by the polymerization of vinyl chloride under the action of initiator

pvc material with too much oxide skin can be regarded as one of the largest plastic products in the world to provide customers with an ideal solution. Its price is not only cheap, but also widely used. PVC resin is mainly white or light yellow powder

then someone asked, what are PVC sheets? 3 Drive system: what kinds of systems are driven by the exchange servo governor? How are they classified

first of all, we can classify according to the color: natural color film, slightly blue light film, and various colored films (we can produce according to the samples provided by customers or with standard color cards)

second, it can also be distinguished according to transparency: it can be divided into transparent sheets Translucent film and non "we can flexibly meet the needs of customers. There are three kinds of transparent film.

Third, we can treat them according to the surface: light film, sanding film (both thick and thin), single and double film, dumb white (black) 。

fourth, it can be classified according to grade: it can be divided into new materials and ordinary new materials

fifth, it can be classified according to function: it can be divided into anti-static sheet and anti ultraviolet sheet

PVC sheet has a wide range of applications. It can not only be flame retardant and self extinguishing, but also has high quality and low price. All kinds of sheet and plate materials can be widely used in packaging, musical instruments, building materials, display, printing, electronics and other fields. At the same time, it is PVC and other materials that add a lot of luster to our world

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