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why is it so difficult to achieve a breakthrough in packaging

host: we know that to make packaging play a sufficient role in sales, it is very critical to achieve a new breakthrough, because many brands are still imitation and lack of innovation. In fact, imitation packaging is just a gust of wind, which is very detrimental to the long-term development of the brand. Everyone knows this, but why is there little fatigue resistance.) someone is boldly innovating and breaking through in packaging

Huang Taiyuan: I think the first reason why the imitation of Baijiu packaging is very serious is the lack of innovation awareness of business owners. Business owners are generally conservative and think that only following the mainstream of the market is the most "safe", that is, imitation. The second reason is that many people who do Baijiu packaging design now are the same. After working in an industry for too long, their thinking becomes rigid and it is difficult to innovate. In fact, to do a good job in the marketing of Baijiu, it is not just a simple problem like "packaging design". At present, we should introduce cutting-edge marketing thinking into brand strategy, brand culture, product strategy, advertising language and packaging design, so as to help products succeed as soon as they are listed

Ma Yu: running behind other people's buttocks is the best way to grab a tail. Some brands immediately imitate a new package from a big brand, because the faster they imitate, the more market they can occupy. In fact, some brands do not want to innovate, but the conditions are not enough. To innovate in packaging, we first need to have strong strength. We need to invite professional companies to design and research repeatedly in packaging design, and then get it tested in the market, and then modify it. Finally, we can put it into the market in large quantities, and after putting it into the market, we need to introduce and recommend it to consumers. This cost and time are not included. In case the market fails, the loss is incalculable. Therefore, many brands rely on imitation and follow-up, and immediately imitate when they see a good package. In addition, the improvement and breakthrough of packaging are also related to the ideology of some leaders

but at the same time, we should also see that after achieving a new breakthrough in packaging, its market prospect is very broad. Whoever has a new breakthrough first will always account for the largest share

host: in fact, for many examples, the breakthrough in Baijiu packaging is not to revolutionize the current packaging, but to constantly innovate on the current basis. A well-known Tetra Pak packaging company in the United States saw that the sales of Baijiu in China were so considerable, especially in Sichuan, a major wine producing province, so it envisaged that all Baijiu in Sichuan would be packaged with their Tetra Pak. This formulation was criticized and questioned by many people as soon as it came out, This shows that to achieve a breakthrough in packaging and Haier's modular selection of material suppliers, the main evaluation standard is whether it can provide a complete set of leading material solutions and provide corresponding technical support. It is not as simple as imagined, nor is it casually imagined. As far as the characteristics and consumption habits of wine are concerned, they can only be improved on the basis of the existing packaging. Only in this way can their packaging be traditional and personalized, and play a role in sales

Huang Taiyuan: the innovation of packaging is not a slogan, but should be combined with the reality of the market. It must be consistent with the pulse of consumers, and cannot innovate for the sake of innovation. For example, many years ago, there was a wine that would play minor music as soon as it was opened. The packaging was indeed innovative, but did the target consumers have this appreciation level and this elegance? Even if there is, these middle and low-end consumers will also think that the cost of packaging must be passed on, and the bottle will be lost after drinking, which is very uneconomical. Therefore, in order to integrate the packaging of Baijiu well with the operation, it is not only necessary to innovate such a simple concept, but also to have differences, so that your liquor can stand out among similar products, and achieve the effect of "Wan lvcong attention: generally, for objects after 20kg, the breaking point ratio can be adjusted to 80 to meet the breaking requirements. The smaller the breaking point ratio is, the larger the breaking value grabbed by the sensor is, the larger the breaking point ratio is, and the smaller the medium point is red", This is the key

host: let's stop here on the topic of the combination of Baijiu packaging and management. Thank you for your participation, thank you

source: tobacco and alcohol weekly

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