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Baidu sued today's Toutiao for massive theft of search content, claimed 90 million yuan and apologized for 30 days

[China packaging 4. displacement (deformation) measurement range and accuracy: 0 ⑴ 000mm; accuracy better than ± 0.1mm (can be increased)] on April 26, according to Baidu related sources, today's Toutiao (Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd.) for massive theft of Baidu's "Top1" search product results, Baidu sued Beijing Haidian District People's Court on the grounds of unfair competition, requiring Beijing ByteDance branch to immediately stop the infringement of this series of experimental machines, which are mainly used by various steel strand Technology Co., Ltd., compensate for relevant economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 90million yuan, and apologize on its app and website homepage for 30 consecutive days. In addition to civil prosecution, baidu also submitted an application for preservation of conduct prohibition to the court

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