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Baidu transformation AI platform

Baidu transformation AI platform

Robin Lee analyzes the new path of enterprise AI

■ this newspaper Lu Xiao reported in Beijing

"with the explosive progress of AI technology in recent years, the virtuous cycle between algorithms, computing power and data has an increasingly prominent impact on industrial upgrading and economic reform, and will provide new momentum for industrial and economic development in the next few decades." On September 17, Robin Lee, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, said in a speech at the 2018 World AI conference, "in the future, no enterprise can claim that he has nothing to do with AI."

Internet improves the communication efficiency between people, while artificial intelligence focuses on solving the communication between people and everything. Among many domestic technology companies, Baidu's investment in AI is the most "radical". Baidu has also announced its transformation from an Internet enterprise to an artificial intelligence platform. With the commercial application of AI technology in various industries, Robin Lee also believes that "AI technology opens up a new path to solve social problems"

call for AI as soon as possible

"those enterprises that are not AI enough cannot adapt to the new era and are destined to be replaced by a new generation of enterprises." Robin Lee said in his speech that day. He believes that for most companies today, the top priority is to AI as soon as possible

in an era of interconnected everything with sensors, how should enterprises find their own positioning

Robin Lee said that after all, there are a few enterprises capable of doing AI technology research and development, AI platform and ecology. For most enterprises, the most important thing is how to take the lead in embracing AI under the current trend of the times, become a successful AI technology applicator, and make themselves AI as soon as possible. He also proposed that a real "Ai company" should first have AI thinking, secondly have AI ability, and thirdly follow the ethics of AI

Robin Lee believes that for every company aspiring to AI, on the one hand, it should be able to continuously and efficiently accumulate a large number of high-quality and unique data, so that these data can become the fuel for AI application innovation. On the other hand, we should also have the ability to connect AI technology and AI platform, and dig out "gold mines" from data with the help of AI in an open way

he also stressed, "there are a large number of open source and open platforms in the AI field today. The investment of the world's leading technology companies in this area is long-term and huge, so it is not necessary for everyone to reinvent the wheel."

Robin Lee once revealed some data of Baidu AI open platform at Baidu AI developer conference held in July this year. Among them, as of the middle of June this year, baidu voice technology daily call volume increased by 94%, and daily active developers increased by 83%. Baidu vision technology daily call volume increased by 416%, and daily active developer users increased by 298%. The number of calls of face recognition technology in vision has increased by nearly 8 times. In addition, the daily call volume of NLP (natural language processing) technology increased by 180%, and the daily active developers increased by 78%

recently, baidu also announced that it will officially open source the Apollo vehicle road collaboration scheme by the end of 2018

enter the chip field

in the era of AI with sensors, software needs to be deeply combined with hardware. In his speech on September 7, Robin Lee believed that whether it is PC Internet or mobile Internet, the main concern of enterprises is still at the software level. However, in the era of AI, enterprises must pay more attention to the combination of software and hardware to find new innovation opportunities

for example, he said that driverless cars not only include lidar, but also carry a variety of other sensors, capture radars, cameras, and so on, but also a variety of software to support, and even need to be transformed and coordinated at the level of urban infrastructure before they can be realized

Baidu's unmanned car has previously announced mass production

according to Huaxia times, in July this year, Apollon, the world's first L4 level mass production self driving bus that Baidu cooperated with, officially rolled off the production line. The first batch of 100 buses will be sent to Beijing, xiong'an, Shenzhen, Tokyo and other cities. After reinstalling the software, copy the backup files to the new installation path for replacement, and then the city can carry out commercial operations. At the same time, the logistics unmanned operation vehicle jointly built by Baidu and its partner Neolithic also went offline in mass production

in addition to the open self driving platform Apollo, baidu also launched free technical consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises selected in the hope project in the field of AI, and built a dueros voice open platform. According to Huaxia times, dueros has previously cooperated with enterprises such as Guangshi, Lenovo, Midea, Haier, HTC and Xiaoyu Zaiya to apply its voice interaction ability to smart home, smart wear, car and other scenarios such as TV, speakers and so on. According to the Q2 financial report released by Baidu in August this year, the activation of dueros intelligent devices reached 90million in June, an increase of 80% over the beginning of the year

in terms of the combination of software and hardware, Baidu has also entered the chip field that has attracted much attention

Kunlun, the first domestic cloud based full-function AI chip independently developed by Baidu, made its debut at Baidu AI developer conference in July this year. According to Baidu, "Kunlun" based on Baidu's eight year research and development of CPU, GPU and FPGA AI accelerator, which was born through more than 20 iterations, is the AI chip with the highest computing power in the industry so far

according to China times, Kunlun chip is OEM by Samsung, adopts 14nm process, aggregates tens of thousands of small cores internally, and the memory bandwidth reaches 512gb/s. It can provide 260 trillion times/s operation speed with power consumption of more than 100W

insiders said that Kunlun chips are mainly aimed at developers who need AI and deep learning. In addition to common deep learning algorithms and other cloud needs, this chip can also adapt to the computing needs of specific terminal scenarios such as natural language processing, large-scale speech recognition, autonomous driving, large-scale recommendation and so on

ai new path

the combination of software and hardware enables AI to be applied faster in various industries such as finance, medical treatment, travel and so on. Robin Lee believes that AI is becoming a new way to solve social problems

urban traffic congestion is considered not only to cause economic losses, but also to derive air pollution, friction disputes and other traffic accidents. "In a big city like Shanghai, we estimate that traffic congestion will probably cause a loss of about 5% of GDP." Robin Lee said in his speech

driverless and vehicle road coordination technologies are considered to be able to effectively improve and manage traffic congestion. According to Huaxia times, Baidu has previously developed an urban intelligent transportation system. This comprehensive vehicle road coordination software system includes intelligent road, intelligent signal light, intelligent vehicle scheduling, automatic parking and intelligent driving monitoring. For the trouble of parking, Robin Lee also revealed on the same day: "in the last kilometer of looking for a parking space, now the driverless technology is basically mature."

in addition, face recognition technology can also significantly improve efficiency and matching in finding lost or trafficked children. Baidu has previously established an AI search platform

it should be mentioned that Robin Lee also mentioned in the analyst meeting after the Q2 financial report this year that both Apollo and dueros are in the early accumulation stage now, and will not produce real revenue contribution in the next few quarters. But he revealed the business model of Apollo for the first time. "In the future, through the ecosystem of Apollo, Baidu can sell high-precision maps, simulation platforms, and even computing hardware ACU. These are very straight (3). Experiments can choose a variety of curve connection services such as stress-strain, force elongation, force time, intensity time, etc." As for dueros platform, Robin Lee said that if this field can be realized, Baidu will also be the first one

in August this year, baidu released Q2 financial report as of June this year. According to the financial report, Baidu's total revenue in the second quarter was 26billion yuan, an increase of 32% year-on-year. The net profit attributable to Baidu was 6.4 billion yuan, an increase of 45% year-on-year

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