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Create a "XCMG speed" for the development of the commercial vehicle industry

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, XCMG heavy truck was awarded the 2016 "growth enterprise" award in the commercial vehicle industry. Looking back, XCMG heavy trucks created a rare development speed in the commercial vehicle industry with the sonorous sound of stepping on the stone and scratching the iron, and played a triumphant song in the first year of the 13th five year plan: 13000 units of various products were sold throughout the year, including 9300 heavy trucks, with a year-on-year increase of 87%. It entered the top ten of the industry for four consecutive months, and the sales of the new generation of Hanfeng Series tractors increased by 294%. It entered the top nine of the industry one year after its listing, The sales volume of off highway wide body mining dump truck industry continues to maintain the first in China

create "XCMG speed" for the development of commercial vehicle industry.

by promoting system reform with "platform + specialization", we can get the deformation of the sample and stimulate vitality. Innovate and implement the "platform + specialization" operation mode, build seven professional operation sub platforms including Hanfeng Sales Department, special vehicle sales department, off-road vehicle company, parts company, logistics company, export support department and financial service company, and promote the specialization of product research and marketing; It integrates technology, supply, manufacturing, finance, quality and other elements, constructs a resource guarantee platform, standardizes the interface between the resource platform and the operation platform, so as to organize the inward marketization, pay close attention to the maximization of input-output benefits, and promote the benign operation of enterprise business activities

the scale and quality of channels have been rapidly improved, and the effect of marketing activities is remarkable. According to the characteristics of different products and different market channels, different mining schemes are formulated to form a new channel construction mode with the theme of final distributors, refitting plants, project direct sales, group supporting facilities, and the utilization of social third-party resources. In 2016, 65 new dealers were added to the domestic market, which has basically achieved full coverage in four key provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Henan and Jiangsu. The sales volume of channels in four provinces has accounted for 51% of the total sales volume, and the sales volume of newly developed dealers has accounted for 29% of the total sales volume. The sales contribution of new channels and the focus effect of key markets are gradually emerging

after the launch, the market construction "shortcut key" will boost the official work and rapid improvement of service spare parts. The project of "special promotion of service spare parts" was fully implemented, and the national special service stations of "one visit, two links and three solutions" were visited. 180 service stations in 137 prefecture level cities in 10 provinces were visited. 133 service stations were newly built throughout the year, 61 service stations were optimized, and a net increase of 72 stations was achieved. The layout of "seven horizontal and five vertical" trunk lines was opened to ensure that the service network radius of the trunk line was within 150 kilometers; Carry out the mode of socialized central warehouse of spare parts, establish a "three-tier guarantee" of service stations, dealers and central warehouses, build 6 socialized central warehouses, add 84 delivery points, cover 23 provinces and 96 prefecture level cities, and the delivery of spare parts increased by 514% year-on-year. Create a diversified spare parts supply guarantee system, constantly improve the service level, and improve the reputation of XCMG heavy truck products

focus on overseas key areas, develop professional channels, and launch products accurately. With the vigorous promotion of the national "one road one belt" strategy and the deepening of XCMG's internationalization process, XCMG heavy truck has gradually strengthened its business contacts with Southeast Asia and other regions, and the progress of cooperation with local resources and the process of local market development have been steadily improved. In 2016, through a number of overseas market activities, Hanfeng products achieved a new breakthrough in overseas sales in 2016; Develop professional channels, establish franchise stores for Hanfeng series products in Malaysia and Vietnam, and cooperate with agents to achieve 200 orders at BMW exhibition, which has improved the popularity of XCMG brand in foreign heavy truck customer circles and domestic construction enterprises

after going through the low point of waiting for all kinds of wastes to flourish, creating a new era of automobile manufacturing in the capital of construction machinery, climbing the peak of "10000 sets", and standing at a new starting point in 2017, XCMG heavy truck will take the group's "12334" strategic guiding ideology system as the general guidance of its business work, closely focusing on the business theme of "innovation and development, efficiency, leading technology, indestructible use; reform and adjustment, lean and accurate, structural optimization, and safety", Strive to achieve the goal of "sales growth of 30%, operating revenue of 3 billion, export revenue of more than 300 million, gross profit increase of 3 points, breakthrough of 3000 special-purpose vehicles, non highway to maintain the first place in the industry, tractor to maintain the first increase, and heavy truck industry ranking next", and take "building a mainstream brand of medium and heavy trucks, becoming a major competitor and benefit leader in the commercial vehicle industry" as the Cultural Guide to realize the dream of 10 billion yuan in the "13th five year plan"

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