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Confusion about the development and use of Jiangxi commercial printing market and CTP

the research and development of any new thing will cost a relative cost, especially the research and development cost of high-tech products is obviously more expensive. The development of CTP (computer direct plate making technology) is no exception. CTP equipment, which is constantly improved, is generally about 1million yuan, and more than 2million yuan for those with complete functions. Although this is not an astronomical number, it is by no means a small number for depressed printing enterprises. Therefore, in addition to repeatedly weighing its advantages and disadvantages, an important reason for the introduction of CTP equipment by enterprises is whether the expensive high investment can be borne

In recent years, CTP technology has made a leap forward development. In 2019, except for a few imports, it still did not break the record of zero in some provinces. Even for Jiangxi Province, which has more than 1700 printing enterprises of all kinds, its CTP equipment ownership is only 4. Among them, three are in newspaper printing enterprises and one is in a joint venture. To put it better, these four enterprises are relatively rich

with the rise of the central region, Jiangxi's life these years is much better than before, but it is really a little difficult for printing enterprises to spend one or two million yuan to buy CTP equipment at once. Facing the severe situation of the international financial crisis, enterprises can only be busy coping with it, and there is no spare money to buy equipment. It's not that the enterprise doesn't want to upgrade, but that the enterprise is powerless

of course, whether a kind of equipment, especially advanced equipment, has a future depends not only on its ownership, but also on whether there is a market prospect and whether the enterprise has purchasing power. Although the printing enterprises in Jiangxi are not rich, the printing market is not small. Because a large number of printing businesses flow to other provinces, which restricts the development of printing enterprises in this province, four CTP equipment account for a few percent of the whole printing market in Jiangxi from scratch. The key issue is the price. If the price can be cheaper, enterprises may be able to introduce oneortwo sets

less business orders restrict the development of CTP

when enterprises introduce CTP equipment, considering price is only one aspect, and the main consideration is business

a CTP device can produce a pair of plates in a few minutes, and dozens of copies can be obtained in a day. The elongation value will decrease with the increase of the moving speed of the electronic tensile testing machine. No matter how busy the enterprise is, it is impossible to have such a large business volume. In addition, the electric extension, which was originally introduced at a high price, is so eliminated that the enterprise will think twice anyway

after the baptism of market economy over the years, printing enterprises have matured. They will be more cautious and rational about investment, and it is not easy to follow the trend. Especially for high-risk investment, we will weigh the pros and cons

the printing market, especially the printing market of books, newspapers and periodicals, as far as the current situation is concerned, with the impact of multimedia, such as Internet, e-paper books, etc., has taken away a lot of printing business

especially the book and periodical market is not optimistic, which is being eroded and shrinking. Originally, the book and periodical printing market is more and more, coupled with such an impact, can book and periodical printing enterprises not wait and see? This is also one of the reasons why book printing enterprises introduce less CTP equipment. One or two million yuan CTP equipment may not be able to achieve high input and high output. If you buy a high-end equipment, you can only fish for three days and dry for two days. When can you recover the cost? Enterprises have to settle this account

packaging and decoration printing enterprises have potential markets

some printing enterprises, especially newspaper printing enterprises, are interested in CTP's rapid plate making, which is in line with the characteristics of newspaper publishing. In fact, CTP has a huge potential market in commercial printing, periodical printing, packaging and decoration printing. It's not that you don't like to use CTP technology and equipment in book printing. You know the secret

There is no doubt that the advantages of CTP represent the development direction of things to a certain extent. Sooner or later, it will dominate prepress plate making, which will be as irresistible as offset books

second, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, enterprises are struggling, and it is not easy to spend such a large amount of money to buy equipment at once; Third, the printing market does make printing enterprises worried, afraid of buying equipment and not so much business volume; Fourth, the price of CTP plates is high, which increases the production and operation costs of enterprises. It is believed that these problems will be gradually solved with the improvement of the economic situation. It is reported that the price of CTP thermal plates in 2008 has fallen by 15% to 20% compared with 2007

there are 437 packaging and printing enterprises in Jiangxi, covering soft and hard packaging of food, drugs, daily necessities, industrial products and other aspects. However, there are not many real high-end packaging and decoration printing enterprises. Some high-end packaging and decoration printing products flow to other provinces, and the printing business flowing to other provinces every year is about 2billion yuan

however, with the inclination of the central government to the central region, the preferential policies and tax relief for investing in packaging and decoration printing enterprises in Jiangxi have provided a loose investment environment for Jiangxi packaging and decoration printing enterprises, which will certainly promote the rapid development of Jiangxi packaging and decoration printing industry. Therefore, CTP equipment has great business opportunities in Jiangxi packaging and decoration printing enterprises to further promote the use of high-end medical equipment with the health and Family Planning Commission

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