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Commercial printing welcomes the golden stage of development and carries out global sales

[China Packaging News] with the global economic integration, commercial printing has also ushered in the golden stage of development. As long as commercial activities still exist, commercial printing will have a broad market. Commercial printing covers a wide range. In addition to printing on clothing, textiles, paper, metal, glass and plastic, typing, plate making and book binding are also included in the scope of this industry

The emergence of new technologies has brought new business opportunities to this field. With the increasing demand of enterprise customers for advertising and product publicity, the commercial printing market is also expanding. The profitability of every printing enterprise is directly related to its sales performance. Large enterprises can enjoy more favorable prices when purchasing raw materials such as paper and ink, and because their customers are all over the world, they can make more effective use of their expensive printing equipment. Small printing can introduce external suppliers with these large enterprises through better services in a specific product category with a stronger system. It is understood that the average annual operating income of commercial printing employees in the United States is $160000

digital printing technology has changed the competitive pattern of the commercial printing market. At present, the price of digital color pages is lower than that of offset pages, and those printing enterprises that have not yet adopted digital printing will face the risk of being eliminated by the market

recently, Heidelberger druck Maschinen Ag and Fujifilm global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. jointly announced that the two companies have reached a strategic cooperation on the research and development of inkjet printing technology, and the cooperation between the two sides will cover the fields of commercial printing and packaging printing

in the strategic cooperation between the two sides, Heidelberg will give full play to its advantages in engineering technology and manufacturing, while Fujifilm will devote its industry-leading inkjet printing technology. Future cooperation may also carry out global sales and customer service systems for various problems existing in electrohydraulic servo control

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