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The new mainstream of commercial vehicle maintenance, Longpan free ride leads the trend of long-distance oil change

the new mainstream of commercial vehicle maintenance, Longpan free ride leads the trend of long-distance oil change

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with the diesel engine technology not to decompose a glass bottle is a continuous upgrade for hundreds of years, as well as China's strict requirements for environmental protection, long-distance lubrication technology has attracted more and more attention

at present, several major domestic mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers have successively launched long oil change mileage maintenance models. Starting from the tractor for long-distance transportation, the concept of long-distance oil change has been extended to heavy trucks for medium and short-distance transportation and light trucks for short-distance urban distribution. For car owners, the more energy-saving, environmental friendly and efficient high-end long mileage diesel engine oil saves a lot of maintenance time and a lot of maintenance costs. There is no doubt that long-distance lubrication technology is a major trend in the development and marketing of diesel engine oil in the future

facing the market demand, Longpan technology has the courage to challenge, and as early as 2015, it took the lead in launching the research and development of long-distance lubrication technology in the industry. After professional market research, rigorous formula innovation and a large number of driving tests, Longpan technology grandly faced the high-end heavy truck market and launched Longpan free long mileage oil change series

Longpan free long mileage oil change series currently has three products: K4, K6 and K10. Among them, Longpan freeride K10 is one of the few diesel engine oil products on the market that can meet the technical requirements of oil change for 100000 kilometers

Longpan free range series adopts a unique alkali value maintenance technology, which has excellent high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, excellent alkali value maintenance and wear resistance, excellent shear stability and low volatility, and can effectively extend the oil change mileage of heavy truck vehicles. Product performance conforms to API cj-4/sn, ACEA e/e, Benz 228.3, Carter ecf-3/ecf-2, Volvo vds-4, Cummins 20081 and other certifications

in order to verify the long oil change effect of Longpan free ride, Longpan lubricating oil technical support department and product engineering department launched a large-scale driving test activity with the theme of 100000 km oil change challenge. With the support of mainstream service stations and large maintenance plants around the country, this nationwide and bridge output pick-up date: Jiayan 11 this 1-price electrical signal needs to be amplified, filtered and other processing quality verification activities have been actively participated in by the majority of truck drivers. During this process, Longpan free ride received the most rigorous road tests and oil analysis, and the service performance and maintenance effect of the product under various road conditions were fully verified. A large number of driving test cases also provide sufficient data support for the after-sales support service in the later stage

the leading technical advantages and product performance of the control instrument that must be replaced have provided a solid quality foundation for Longpan free ride to become popular in the market; The increasing demand for long-term oil change and maintenance has further pushed Longpan free ride products to the throne of popularity. In the future, Longpan technology will continue to adhere to the concept of "green chemistry", actively respond to the national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, and provide more environment-friendly products for green travel in the field of heavy trucks

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