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Packaging design based on consumer insight Abstract: consumer insight is a new concept in the field of design and marketing, which directly affects the development of design, marketing, planning and other disciplines. Through the preliminary discussion of consumer insight, this paper puts forward new requirements and ideas of consumers for modern packaging design, and expounds the important guiding role of consumer insight in packaging design

key words: consumer insight; packing design; Purchase system

with the development of modern civilization and the unprecedented prosperity of major information media, consumers' aesthetic appreciation ability continues to improve, and consumers' understanding of packaging design is more rational and personalized than in the past, and they are eager to seek a new experience in the complex packaging. The abundance of the material world {old age; it has brought about the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for packaging design. People are no longer satisfied with the pursuit of material needs, but more consider the packaging from the expression of the internal quality of products to the transmission of cultural connotation, as well as the pursuit of personality. For designers, how to accurately insight into the psychological needs and changes of consumers, and design forward-looking packaging that meets the needs of consumers has become a necessary and meaningful task Challenges of practical value. Consumption insight has begun to play a decisive role in modern packaging design

l definition of consumer insight

consumer insight is a new concept in the field of design and marketing. In terms of definition, many people have some different understandings of consumer insight. To sum up, consumer insight can be summarized as follows: insight is not observation, observation only records what people say and do, and often only stays at the level of pure data. Consumer insight is the most basic driving force of consumer behavior and preferences, and the result of the comprehensive action of a series of factors such as consumer psychology, purpose, behavior, process and so on. Consumer insight is the fundamental factor guiding consumers to purchase the system

2 consumer purchase system

consumer purchase system is established on the basis of consumer insight. It divides people's purchase behavior into six stages: motivation, consideration, search, choice, purchase and use experience (see Figure 1). The system makes the complex and diverse purchase behavior organized and clear, which is conducive to people to effectively analyze the purchase behavior and adopt corresponding market strategies. Consumer purchase system is a circular and constantly updated organism. Consumers accumulate their own consumption experience by completing the process from purchase motivation to use experience, and these consumption experience affect the next purchase motivation and become the starting point of the next purchase behavior. Consumer purchase, especially in the aerospace field, any change in the system will inevitably lead to changes in the whole process. Therefore, businesses are required to have 360 degree insight into consumers and provide consumers with satisfactory services throughout the whole process. Only in this way can they effectively win consumers and form their own brand loyalty

3 360 degree insight into consumers

commodity packaging is the epitome of enterprise market strategy. People's understanding of products generally starts from understanding packaging. As a salesperson who silently promotes the sales of 2100 tons of clean and high elasticity PBT products in the market, packaging must win the hearts of consumers at each stage of purchase behavior in order to complete its mission. In the whole purchase system, it should not only visually attract specific consumer groups to produce expected purchase behavior, but also psychologically capture consumers' excitement and desire to buy. The following takes the purchase behavior of Mengniu yogurt as an example to analyze the important role of various elements of packaging design in each stage of the consumer purchase system (see Table 1)

Table 1 analyzes consumers' purchasing behavior and various psychological and behavioral processes, and visually analyzes the significant influence of packaging in market purchasing actions. The color, structure, graphics, words, connotation, personality and other elements of packaging play a unique role in the purchase action. The change of any element may affect consumers' purchase psychology and final purchase behavior. They are unified in the overall packaging. Excellent packaging is the unity of various factors, not a simple pile up. Therefore, in packaging design, we should have 360 degree insight into consumers, take the consumption characteristics of specific groups as the guide, accurately deal with various factors in packaging design and make it a harmonious unity. Only in this way can it be favored by consumers and remain invincible in the fierce market competition

4 new requirements of consumers for modern packaging design

although each consumer has its own personality and unique purchase system, people have common requirements and needs for commodity packaging design. Based on the insight of consumers, in packaging design, in addition to paying attention to the basic requirements of consumers for packaging, such as objectivity, practicality, aesthetics, culture and personalization, we should also pay attention to the new requirements for packaging design in the new era

4.1 diversity requirements

for commodity packaging, everyone has different needs in variety, color, specification and personality, and there are differences in habits. This diversity of needs determines that commodity packaging design must meet the requirements of consumers' diversity and give consumers more choice to expand the audience. At the same time, the diversity of commodity packaging can also be expressed as seriality and substitutability to meet the expansibility and substitutability of consumer demand

4.2 developmental requirements

with the development of economy, people's purchasing power and aesthetic ability are also improved correspondingly; With the progress of science and technology, the production process is also updated. Consumers are constantly upgrading consumer goods, which promotes the development of consumer demand. This requires that commodity packaging must also be developmental, whether in packaging materials or visual communication must meet the requirements of consumers' continuous development

4.3 hierarchy requirements

due to the differences in living conditions, people's needs are hierarchical. Consumer psychology can be divided into three different stages, namely, survival consumer psychology, superiority consumer psychology and freedom consumer psychology. To win more consumers, we must accurately grasp the economic status of the target consumer groups and the hierarchy of consumer psychology, and integrate this hierarchy into the packaging design, and design various grades of packaging to meet the requirements of consumers' hierarchy

4.4 requirements of the times

consumers' needs are often affected by factors such as the spirit of the times, fashion and environment. With the development of society and the progress of science, the consumer research team has also invented a new breeding technology with degradation enzymes as the "switch" to regulate the relative molecular mass and concentration of products, which is more up-to-date. For example, with the acceleration of the pace of life, convenient fast food packaging has emerged. At the same time, the finished and semi-finished food also puts forward new requirements and thoughts for packaging design. At the same time, integrating the cultural factors of the times into the packaging design is also a specific embodiment of meeting the requirements of the times of consumers. For example, in the packaging of Mengniu yogurt, super girls represent the fashion and cultural demands of the young people. The popularity of Mengniu yogurt in the market largely benefits from the influence of fashion culture

4.5 scalability requirements

consumer demand for goods will change to varying degrees with the change of purchasing power. If purchasing power is strong, the grade of goods is required to be high, otherwise it is low. This consumption flexibility has different performance in different commodity categories. For example, the demand for daily consumer goods is less flexible, while the demand for social, enjoyment and development commodities is more flexible. The packaging design with many varieties, high grades and new styles can meet their needs

4.6 seasonal requirements

seasonal changes will bring changes in consumers' physiological and psychological needs. For example, it needs to be cool in summer and warm in winter. In the design of commodity packaging, we should pay attention to the seasonality of sales, and integrate the physiological and cultural factors in different seasons and at different times into the packaging, without giving people a sense of obsolescence. For example, before the Spring Festival every year, Coca Cola will dress up the packaging and integrate traditional elements into the packaging in combination with Chinese local culture, giving people a feeling of festivity, warmth and auspiciousness, which greatly meets the psychological needs of consumers during the Spring Festival

5 take one more step in packaging design

the perspective of marketing believes that by regularly providing some unexpected benefits to consumers, consumers will rise from recognition to love for the brand, which is conducive to building brand loyalty L2J when enterprises polish. One more step is to think more, do more, and be higher than others. In terms of consumers, taking one more step is reflected in doing better than consumers expect, and providing unexpected surprises or benefits to consumers. For example, the packaging design of AoMiao Jinglan storm washing powder not only has various advantages of general packaging design, but also designs a device on the package to block the opening of the package, so that the washing powder will not be affected by moisture or withdraw because it cannot be sealed after the package is opened. This practice of AoMiao is undoubtedly one step more than consumers' expectations and competitors, so it has achieved good market results. In the fierce market competition, only by doing better than others and taking one step more than others can we establish our own advantages and be noticed and loved by others. Packaging design is not only a simple satisfaction of consumer needs, but also a guide to consumers. Integrating the concept of taking one more step into packaging design is an effective way to establish brand advantage in consumer behavior

6 conclusion

today, with the intensification of market competition and the increasing pursuit of humanization, packaging design should pay more attention to the great role and influence brought by consumer insight. Packaging design based on consumer insight will also be more in line with consumers and have more market potential and competitiveness. It is our common goal to establish a personalized, orderly and healthy commodity packaging environment for consumers

Huang Weiguo, Yang junshun

(Shaanxi University of science and technology source: Packaging Engineering

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