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Tencent: it is illogical for Internet enterprises to do it.

as for the current phenomenon of domestic Internet enterprises' cluster production, on the afternoon of July 18, LIU Chengmin, President of 2012 Tencent mobile Internet business group, said at the 2012 Tencent effect marketing China line that Tencent would not do it. In his view, the logic of Internet companies does not work

LIU Chengmin believes that Internet manufacturers may have different purposes in launching their own products, but Tencent still insists on only providing services. After doing a good job of service, we can make profits through advertising and other means

data show that by the end of last year, the number of Chinese citizens had reached 359million, which has a certain market scale. LIU Chengmin believes that the current business model of mobile Internet has not been fully established, and the main problem is that most advertisers have not yet recognized advertising on mobile Internet

is not the entrance of mobile Internet

after Xiaomi launched, Alibaba, Baidu, Shanda, 360 and other Internet companies have launched their own brand of low-cost intelligence. For a time, the 1000 yuan smart machine market was extremely hot

why do Internet enterprises get together? The logic of most Internet companies is: it is the entrance of mobile Internet, and seizing the market means seizing the first opportunity in the mobile Internet market. But Tencent obviously does not agree with this view

is not a mobile Internet portal. It does not mean that you have to use its composite materials to buy one. The utilization field of composite materials is becoming wider and wider. LIU Chengmin said in an interview that the charm of intelligence is that it brings users freedom of choice. We can do a good job of service and let users choose

in LIU Chengmin's view, in the era of intelligence, users will not be hijacked by terminal manufacturers, and everyone will choose the best mobile Internet application they think. The more free users are, the more they rush to do it. This logic is not tenable. LIU Chengmin said that the important thing to do is whether it is valuable to consumers, rather than just grabbing the entrance. It is meaningless for enterprises to express their own demands wishfully

it is understood that Teng does not need additional engineering investment. The current attitude of Tencent is to cooperate with hardware manufacturers and implant its own Q service. LIU Chengmin believes that the implantation of Tencent services can help manufacturers add value, and Tencent will also provide support in marketing

Tencent can't do it now. Like Samsung and apple, even if it does, it will only have a market share of 30%. Tencent's advantage is to provide services, but it has not achieved the point of seeking defeat alone, so it will not get involved in the hardware industry. LIU Chengmin believes that under such circumstances, if Tencent is directly involved in hardware terminals, it will become a competitor of all manufacturers who continue to open up business and develop Xintiandi, which is not conducive to the promotion of its mobile services

how to realize the traffic

Tencent believes that another reason why Internet manufacturers are unreliable is that the business model of mobile Internet has not been established. It's not true that you subsidize the hardware before you earn money for your service. LIU Chengmin said

in fact, mobile Internet now has a huge traffic. But how to realize it is still a difficult problem. CNNIC data show that by the end of December 2011, the number of Chinese citizens had reached 356million, which doubled compared with June 2009. The interconnection contact points and usage scenarios of traditional Internet users also show a trend of transferring to mobile terminals. Take Facebook as an example. According to its official data, only 28% of its total monthly active users accessed Facebook through mobile terminals in December 2009; By March 2012, the proportion had reached 54%

Tencent also has many layouts on mobile Internet. Liu Chengyin's words must tell Qi Min that Tencent began to deploy mobile Internet ten years ago. At present, the most important social platforms, browsers, security and games at the product level have large traffic. Take the browser as an example. According to Tencent, there will be more than 4billion PVs in about one day

learned that Tencent's strategy now is to sell resources of different applications such as,, Weibo, browser, etc. to advertisers through a platform called Tencent search promotion

LIU Chengmin believes that the main problem of the realization of mobile Internet is that advertisers do not know enough about mobile Internet, so Tencent also began to try to educate the market. On July 18, Tencent launched an effect marketing promotion meeting for advertisers in Beijing. Tencent said it would continue to promote it in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities

in addition, as for how to make profits on the microblogging platform with huge traffic, LIU Chengmin also admitted that now a lot of revenue is earned by the enterprise's own marketing account. In his opinion, after everyone starts to do microblogging marketing, as a platform party, he can get income, such as search and other directions

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