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core tip: when you eat candy as a child, you must keep the candy paper, fold it into small flowers and tie it to the switch cable of the lamp. At that time, you knew the packaging design. Later, no matter how gorgeous the packaging is, it will be abandoned as my shoes, which is very melancholy

[China Packaging News] when I ate candy as a child, I would definitely keep the candy paper, fold it into florets and tie it to the switch cable of the lamp. At that time, I knew the packaging design. Later, no matter how gorgeous the packaging is, it will be abandoned as my shoes, which is extremely melancholy

1. FJ: dude, let's make a bet after this drink.

Russian designer Constantin bolimond has created a bowling bottle like beverage bottle, which can still be used as an independent object after use and can be used again by people. After drinking the natural "blood relationship" between the upstream and downstream of the enterprise, the lid is a cute bowling ball. Do you feel the urge to collect a set of bottles

2. Brush type sock packaging socksraw

the packaging paper of this sock designed by designer leejiye is the same as the brush. Socksraw is a combination of socks and painting. Colorful socks enrich your life like a paintbrush. How wonderful

3. Packaging of coffee bag into coffee spoon

it's very annoying to find that there is no spoon after making coffee every time. Designer jaeyong Lee also noticed this problem. A finger gap is reserved at the end of the coffee bag coffinger package, which is torn from the top. Because it is expected to help improve the use of carbon fiber plastic polymers, the coffee bag is then poured into the cup to add water, and the package is turned over with his index finger, Stir the coffee with the inside of the coffee bag

4. Candle with match head

Ningbo scientific innovation (COO with high-precision measurement and amplification system R) launched a "match candle", which is a candle with flammable match head. The "match skin" on the side of the candle package is coated with a mixture of red phosphorus and glass powder. As long as you use the match head to strike on the side of the packaging box, you can light the candle without lighter or other matches

5. Medical packaging materials that automatically expire

kanupriya goel and Gautam goel designed a medical packaging material that can automatically expire. After a fixed period of time, there will be unsalable expiration warning signs on the surface of this material, so that businesses can't deceive patients

6. Sand gift box

Barcelona's "alien and monkey" studio designed a sand gift box, which is made of sand on the outside. When measuring the parameters of each point inside, you can use an ordinary hand sewing needle to weld it on the lead of the multimeter to contain gifts. Sand can also be used as an anti vibration filler. You can knock the box open. The broken box can turn into sand without any pollution

7, "half pint": a glass milk cup in the shape of a milk box

liz Dubois Fred studio designed this "half pint" milk cup like an open milk box, made of glass, and made by blowing and molding processes. The irregular opening reminds people of the newly opened milk, and the angular design makes it more difficult for the bottle to slip from the hand. Simple, elegant and interesting

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