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Countermeasures for maintenance safety in petrochemical plants -- formulate practical maintenance plans and safety measures (3)

for plant maintenance, it is necessary to formulate shutdown, maintenance, start-up plans and safety measures. In addition to the general contents such as maintenance time, maintenance content, construction period and construction method, the maintenance plan should also include the plan and flow chart of purging, replacement, cooking, pumping and adding blind plates of equipment and pipelines, as well as the list of major projects and its safety construction plan, heavy lifting and hoisting plan, etc. Before formulating the maintenance plan, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive hazard identification and risk assessment of the potential use system of PHA degradable high molecular materials in terms of anti infection for the maintenance device, and then formulate safety measures including maintenance according to the identification and evaluation results and with reference to previous experience and safety, The maintenance plan that requires constant speed tensile testing machine, emergency response measures in case of emergency and other aspects makes the power battery enterprises under pressure at both ends. In order to avoid mistakes, the plan must be detailed and specific, with clear requirements and precautions for each step, and a specially assigned person shall be responsible. After the preparation of the plan, the preparation unit must organize relevant technical personnel to discuss repeatedly, revise and improve constantly, and send it to the Department of mobility, production, technology, safety and other departments for approval level by level in the next stage after confirmation, so as to further supplement and improve. The overhaul plan and safety measures for major projects or projects with high risks must be approved by the manager in charge (factory director) or the chief engineer, published in writing and strictly implemented


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