It is imperative for China to formulate a new stat

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It is imperative for China to formulate a new statistical classification method of coating products

it is imperative for China to formulate a new statistical classification method of coating products

February 7, 2007

the existing classification method of coating products in China was initially formulated by the former Ministry of chemical industry in 1967, and then revised twice in 1975 and 1992

the revised classification method is determined by the film-forming substances that determine the basic characteristics of the coating, which are divided into 17 categories, plus auxiliary materials such as diluents, a total of 18 categories. This statistical method adapted to the needs of the planned economy period at that time, and carried out accounting statistics and planning for the industry. Played a positive role

with the development of China's market economy, the specialization of paint production has become more and more detailed, and various paint products have poured into the market. Yuan pollution, energy-saving, environment-friendly and multi-functional coatings have come out one after another. Variety increase; In addition, coatings with low technical content, single function and poor performance, which are harmful to health, are naturally eliminated. At the same time, the integration of the world economy also requires that statistical standards must be in line with international standards

therefore, the original statistical classification method of coating products can no longer meet the needs of the new situation. It is imperative to formulate a new statistical classification method for paint products

in accordance with the spirit of the document Guohua GUI Tong fa (2000) 039 and the requirements of the meeting of the National Bureau of chemical industry "on Revising the statistical accounting method of chemical production", the China Coating Industry Association submitted the "statistical method of coating product output" (discussion draft) to the national Bureau of chemical industry on January 28, 2000. Different forms of seminars were held, and the discussion draft was revised again. From July 17 to 26, 2000, representative paint enterprises in various regions of the country, such as Beijing Red Lion paint Co., Ltd., Tianjin lighthouse paint Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang goldfish XuKe group, Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd., Hubei Swan paint Chemical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Three Gorges paint Co., Ltd., Northwest Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., were organized to compile the classification method of paint products, Two documents, the classification catalogue of paint products and the classification catalogue of resin products for paint, have been formed

the revision of the classification method of coating products is based on the market economy, and the premise is based on the extensive application of modern management means - computers. The general idea is: take the market as the leader, take the enterprise as the foundation, take the convenience of operation as the principle, and show all kinds of rigid needs in order to serve the consumption needs of various industry departments and enterprises of the national government, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the development of China's coating industry and integrating with the world. The specific principles are:

1. Refer to the development trend of international coating statistics, and fully consider the actual situation of our country

2. Reflect the technical level and production status of paint in China when opening the oil delivery valve

3. it is convenient for enterprises to operate

4. Meet various statistical needs

5. It can ensure the accuracy and integrity of data

6. Try to be in line with international statistical standards

there are many classification methods of coating products. At present, there is no unified international standard, and the classification forms of countries in the world are also different. This revision refers to and draws lessons from the classification methods of coating products in various countries. The general model is divided by use, and the general framework is an extension of the United Nations General Product Classification (CPC) version 1.0. It is divided into four levels, and there is a progressive logical relationship between layers

the first layer is divided into two categories: coating products and resin products for coating according to product property categories

in the second layer, coating products are divided into eight categories according to industrial uses, including construction, wood, automobile, shipbuilding, professional, general, water-based and powder coatings, auxiliary materials, etc. The source resin used for coating from the structural design, production and compounding of additives is only divided by specific uses, and the following is no longer subdivided; (China paint)

the third layer, the paint is produced by the 280000 ton potential tapping and reconstruction project of Chinalco Shanxi new materials company. The baking products of No. 3 roaster after 150 days are divided according to specific uses

the fourth layer, paint products are divided by specific categories. Due to the difficulty of statistical operation, some products are not completely divided according to the above methods, and some products are not divided into the fourth layer. In the actual operation, the enterprise can further refine its products according to the actual needs of the enterprise and under the framework of this catalogue, so as to meet the needs of all aspects of the enterprise

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