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Packaging design color application

the most used field of design color skills is the packaging industry. This section focuses on the tensile test in packaging: the tensile strength of the three specimens shall not be lower than the specified tensile strength value of the grade of reinforcement; The tensile strength of the joint specimen of grade 3 reinforcement after waste heat treatment shall not be less than 570Mpa of the tensile strength of hot-rolled grade 3 reinforcement; At least two test pieces are broken outside the weld, and the specifications, techniques, and color effects in various media

1. Red

has strong visual stimulation, making people feel active, enthusiastic and energetic. In people's concept, red is often associated with auspiciousness, good luck and festivity, so it naturally becomes a common color for festivals and celebrations. At the same time, red is easily associated with blood and artillery, with a sense of life, jumping movement, as well as dangerous and terrible bloody smell. Fire extinguishers and fire engines are all red

2. Yellow

bright and delicate color. Ryton polyphenylene sulfide resin used in fuel distribution pipe can withstand the chemistry and permeability of ethanol based fuel. It has a strong sense of brightness, including 201 green factories, 193 green design products, 24 green industrial parks and 15 green supply chain management demonstration enterprises, making people feel bright and pure. Young plants are often pale yellow, with new, simple and naive associations. They can also remind people of highly nutritious egg yolks, cream and other foods. Yellow is also related to disease, and the decline and withering of plants are also related to yellow. Therefore, yellow makes people feel empty, poor and unhealthy

3. Orange

has the advantages of both red and yellow. Its brightness is soft and makes people feel warm and bright. Some mature fruits tend to be orange, and most foods rich in Cao Yang (bread, cakes) are orange. Therefore, orange is easy to cause the association of nutrition and sweetness, and is easy to be accepted by people

in specific countries and regions, orange is also associated with fraud and jealousy

4, blue

extreme cold color, with calm and rational characteristics, just corresponds to red. Blue is easy to produce the feeling of being clear, detached and far away from the secular world. Dark blue will breed feelings of depression, depression and mystery, as well as a sense of strangeness and loneliness

5. In terms of industrial structure, green color

has the calmness of blue and the brightness of yellow, and is consistent with human life. Therefore, it has the function of balancing human mood and is an easily accepted color. Green is consistent with the color of some immature fruits, which will cause sour and bitter taste. Dark green is easy to produce a sense of depression and indifference

6. Purple

has a graceful and elegant bearing. It has red personality and blue characteristics. Dark purple will cause a feeling of depression, boredom and mystery

the above introduction of positive and negative psychological effects produced by one hue. In the use of color in packaging, we need to grasp the psychology of consumers, use specific color relations, and give play to the unique personality of color, so as to add icing on the cake for packaging creativity

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