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The packaging design competition of the second China International Tea Expo was announced

adhering to the discovery and training of tea packaging design talents, we will promote the upgrading process of tea product packaging, The purpose of improving the international competitiveness of "Chinese tea can be cleaned and adjusted with gasoline. The packaging design competition of the second China International Tea Expo 2005 has been announced in October this autumn.

tea packaging design is an important part of the tea industry chain and a specific measure to build an energy-saving society. This tea packaging design competition grandly launched the concept of" green packaging ". It is suggested that contestants choose natural, environmental friendly and non polluting materials, and refuse excessive packaging on the basis of advocating packaging to enhance international competitiveness, which reflects the cultural function of packaging - beautifying goods, and the scientific function - protecting goods

this tea packaging design competition is designed for black tea, green tea, scented tea, oolong tea, special tea, etc. according to the types and characteristics of tea. The packaging forms are divided into packaging bags, cartons, tins or other forms. Including the packaging design of national gift tea, the packaging design of Mid Autumn Festival gift tea, etc. The competition set up 3 gold awards, 3 silver awards, 5 Bronze awards and 50 Excellence Awards

all the tea packaging design works participating in the competition have been grandly displayed at the China International Trade Center during the China International Tea Expo. After the competition, the organizing committee will also select the relevant works to be included in the collection of Chinese tea packaging works

in the market, packaging is a silent salesman, and packaging is an advertising tool; In the exhibition cabinet, packaging is the magnifying glass of commodity characteristics, and packaging is the final epitome of enterprise marketing strategy. Let packaging participate in the process of building Chinese tea brands, let packaging become a booster for Chinese tea to enter the world competition, and let packaging go to the world with high-quality, healthy, environmental friendly and organic Chinese tea

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