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It is strictly forbidden to build new production capacity projects such as cement and flat glass in violation of regulations in Fujian Province. According to the Fujian Provincial People's government station, in order to thoroughly implement the central strategic plan, unswervingly promote the supply side structural reform, effectively alleviate the structural contradictions and problems faced by the economic and social development of Fujian Province, and improve the quality and efficiency of supply, we focus on the five tasks of reducing production capacity, inventory, leverage, cost reduction, and weaknesses, To clarify the work priorities of the year and promote the economic and social development of Fujian to a new level, the general plan for promoting supply side structural reform in Fujian Province (year) is hereby formulated

after three years of efforts, important progress has been made in the supply side structural reform, and the supply capacity and level have been significantly improved. In terms of capacity reduction, by 2018, iron and steel will reduce crude steel capacity by 4.45 million tons, and the total capacity will be controlled at about 35 million tons/year; Reduce the coal production capacity by about 4.8 million tons/year, and control the total production capacity by about 19million tons/year; Promote the transformation and upgrading of a number of low-end and inefficient production capacity in traditional industries such as shipbuilding, cement, papermaking, stone, chemical fertilizer and textile

resolve excess capacity and strengthen social security

1. It is strictly prohibited to add excess capacity. Strictly implement the national industrial policies, strictly prohibit the illegal construction of new capacity projects in steel, coal, cement, flat glass, shipbuilding and other industries, and do not handle land supply, energy assessment, environmental assessment approval, new credit support and other businesses for such projects. Strengthen the planning and guidance of major projects, and encourage third-party institutions such as industry associations to regularly evaluate the market demand and production capacity of major industries, so as to improve the accuracy and scientificity of decision-making, and prevent new repeated investment and excess production capacity

2。 Eliminate and reduce excess and inefficient capacity. The illegal production capacity that does not meet the standards of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and technology should be rectified in accordance with the law within the specified time limit, and the projects and enterprises that meet the standards and are hopeless should be shut down and returned in accordance with the law. For the equipment, processes and products that have been officially eliminated by the national and provincial industrial policies, we should return them as much as possible. Strengthen the guidance of capacity reduction policies, and encourage industries with excess capacity such as steel and coal to actively reduce inefficient capacity; Improve policies such as differential electricity price, give play to the role of market mechanism that we are full of expectations for 2016, and promote enterprises to actively withdraw from industries with excess capacity; Increase support for technological transformation and merger and reorganization projects with the goal of reducing production capacity, and promote the transformation of enterprises with inefficient production capacity

3。 Classified disposal of "zombie enterprises". Strictly identify and accurately identify "zombie enterprises", and carry out classified disposal by means of asset reorganization, property right transfer, closure and bankruptcy, liquidation and cancellation in accordance with the principle of "enterprise subject, government promotion, market guidance and legal disposal". For enterprises that are expected to solve their difficulties, we will help them get out of their difficulties by supporting them to increase technological transformation. We will encourage leading enterprises to merge and reorganize "zombie enterprises" that are unable to transform and improve themselves

4。 Promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises. Give full play to the important role of real-time drawing experimental curves of mergers and acquisitions in helping difficult enterprises get out of trouble, withdraw inefficient production capacity, expand advanced production capacity, and break through the manufacturing of key equipment for bio based chemical fibers, strengthen industrial policy guidance, support traditional industries and key industry enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions around improving industrial concentration and extending industrial chain, integrate brand resources and innovation resources, and enhance competitiveness. Simplify the administrative examination and approval and handling procedures in the merger and reorganization process, and implement relevant preferential policies

5。 We will strengthen cooperation in production capacity with foreign countries. Support enterprises to carry out production capacity cooperation with countries along the "the Belt and Road", participate in the construction of major infrastructure projects in countries along the belt and road and the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation parks with screw drive and rack drive. Financial institutions are encouraged to support enterprises in carrying out international production capacity cooperation in various ways. Guide the gradient transfer of enterprises within the province, and support the transfer of advantageous production capacity to Counterpart Assistance areas

6。 Properly arrange the employees of the enterprise. Strictly follow the principle of "insurance company does not protect the enterprise", take personnel resettlement as the top priority of the work, and guide and urge enterprises to refine and implement employee resettlement plans and risk disposal plans. Handle labor relations contradictions in accordance with the law, steadily continue social insurance, increase employment training and assistance, and properly relocate workers through job transfer, internal retirement, reemployment, independent entrepreneurship, social assistance and other ways

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