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The revitalized packaging design of kalcon

parfums de coeur brand is expanding its lineup of kalcon spices. The brand added two new perfume and beauty care products, and redesigned the outer packaging. The company also issued print advertisements of kalcon nationwide, and designed iconic slogans to take me away<300KN tensile testing machine can test how big the test bar is/p>

the fragrance of the new Lavender Vanilla and spring cherry blossom will be added to all products on the kalkang product line, including body spray, body cream and shower gel, Foam "It's not as simple as it looks like agents and bath oil beads. The new fragrance will be added to the existing perfume in the current product series: Hawaiian ginger, morning glory, Paris charm and Tahiti orchid.

kalcon will also debut beauty soap products for the first time. The four fragrance types to be launched are Hawaiian ginger, morning glory, Lavender Vanilla and spring cherry blossom. The shea butter and aloe contained in these beauty soaps make it real The formula can moisturize and soften the skin, make the skin soft, moist and rejuvenate

in March this year, consumers can see kalkon in major retail stores. Asahi in Japan and CPC in Taiwan have officially announced the closure of their ethylene production plants. The packaging design, bold and lively colors, and fashionable and slender packaging bottles have brightened our eyes. Kalkang will also continue to promote the concept of relaxation and publicize the advantages of this product line by publishing a national print advertisement in the March issue of the leading women's fashion life magazine

Madeline Blaize, marketing director of Parfums de coeur, said: we have made a new look at our kalkang product line from the aspects of product formula and packaging design. We believe that this will help to make our iconic brand more modern, while still maintaining the same characteristics of kalkang that women have always loved. For us, it is very important to provide customers with the latest beauty care products, and at the same time, we should adhere to the authenticity and credibility of the characteristics of our 60 year old brands

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