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From an ecological point of view, the packaging design is close to the Mid Autumn Festival. The author saw a picture of cakes in an old pictorial. This kind of packaging form has a long history. It is very simple. A piece of oil paper wraps cakes, which is covered with a side of red, and is printed with some festive patterns. Finally, it is tied with paper rope, and the paper rope becomes a handle. If the moon cake is not taken out from the "magnificent" box today, but gently open the knot, unfold the oilpaper, and then taste it carefully, it should have a different taste

the author has also heard of an ancient method of long-distance transportation of porcelain. In the prosperous period of the Silk Road, transportation was still underdeveloped. How could boxes of porcelain withstand the bumps of the long journey? Today, of course, we will have a lot of experimental power. What a good way to reach the standard requirements of class 0.5 machine, such as using thick foam board, adding multi-layer cartons, or simply air transportation. But the wise ancestors wrapped the clay with plant seeds outside the porcelain. When the plants grew, they would fill every gap tightly and take good care of the porcelain. Walking all the way, plants grow all the way, which makes people praise it endlessly

now there are all kinds of packages with perfect functions and exquisite designs. Some of them are really unforgettable, but it seems that something is always missing

admittedly, times have changed, and many things are changing. For example, although the ancient commodity economy in the spring and Autumn period of the fifth century BC is recorded in the historical records; biographies of goods colonization, the self-sufficient natural economy and small-scale peasant economy are still the mainstream in the long history of China. In recent hundreds of years, especially since the third technological revolution, the explosive growth of the global economy and the continuous development and maturity of the commodity economy and society have left people with insufficient time to taste it slowly. The purpose of commodity packaging itself is to quickly attract people's attention and quickly achieve easy transactions

no one can stop the progress of society. This article is not to advocate picking up the previous packaging forms, wrapping the cakes of all manufacturers with oil paper of one color, or driving several carriages without planes to carry the clay covered porcelain bowls, but to try to find enlightenment from these packaging forms

in festivals, people are happy when they get cakes from their relatives and friends. Happiness does not come from how expensive the packaging materials and how cumbersome the workmanship are, but from mutual care and sincerity. In this way, some deliberately inlaid gold and silver packaging will become ugly. There are many gold and silver wares in the Palace Museum, which are extremely luxurious. We marvel at it. The key is not the gold and silver material itself, but the extraordinary skills and wisdom of countless skilled craftsmen who made these objects, which can be handed down so far, so that we won't only see them in books. In contemporary society, the fake "jewels" are used to please who? What have we really consumed? This is not only the problem of producers, but also the consumer psychology and aesthetic needs of the public sometimes play a role of "adding fuel to the flames"

Mr. Zhang Guangyu once said: "In addition to painting, I also like to collect some books of folk art and some broken things carved in clay and wood. From the perspective of others, what is hiding a little folk art? How shabby is it, and is it worthy of saying 'collect'? But I am interested in it, and think it is an excellent sustenance. I can see from this that the goodness of art is true, and it is clumsy to decorate it without decoration. Folk art has these two characteristics, which have become It is not comparable to a kind of affectation of scholar bureaucrat art. As for the plasterers, about 20% of the companies are producing PLA related plastic materials to extend the service life, not to mention. "

when we think of the porcelain packaging above, it is not difficult to find that simplicity and simplicity can have amazing power. What is high accuracy and simplicity? It is not to let commodities "naked" on the ground, but "let nature take its course"

earlier, a chemical plant exploded in a province, polluting the river and bringing a severe test of survival to people on both sides of the river. The animals and plants in the water have sounded the alarm more than once, and people's own activities will bring unimaginable consequences to themselves. We should not ignore the power of "nature". "Let nature take its course" shows its wisdom today when our living environment is getting worse and worse. After all, we are the sons of nature

many packages, while we tear them open, we are also gradually tearing up the beautiful coat of the earth. People cut down trees and destroy forests cruelly; Endless exploitation of coal and oil; Produce, use and discard chemical raw materials on a large scale?;?; How many ugly and horrible things have we done

go back to the design itself. "Let nature take its course" has three meanings: first, we need "enough" design, which is needless to say. Secondly, it should be "easy to use". How good it should be is a question of social aesthetic level. Not the more the better, nor the more luxurious the better. The key is to find out what the standard of consumption is? Simple things are more in line with the rhythm of "nature" and can make the surrounding living environment better. Take "simplicity" as beauty, so as to guide consumption and judge design, which will reduce the overstaffed goods on the shelf. Third, the nature of some experiments is "less use". Maybe some people will be dissatisfied: I have money, that is, I want to spend, and no one has the right to stop it. It advocates a "degree" of consumption, that is to say, there are many objects of consumption. In addition to those luxuries, consumption can also be linked with knowledge, travel, love and charity. The satisfaction and sense of achievement obtained in this way can not be replaced by pure luxury consumption. In this way, life becomes simple, but it is by no means meaningless. When we "enjoy" something at a higher level, we are truly rich

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