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With the prevalence of packaging economy, "free" special edition landed in automatic coffee machine

wil, which operates an automatic vending machine with advertising effect, releases its excess energy in the form of light and produces spectrum LB Co., Ltd. from October 26, it began the sale of the special packaging version of the new commodity Nissin cup noodles free project in major universities in the Kanto Kansai region

media cafe is a kind of selling method in which exquisite advertisements are printed on the body of product cups, and the relevant vending machines are equipped with LCD screens to circularly play cm and other images, mainly taking the advertising revenue as the recovery of beverage costs

in this way, consumers can buy goods at a very cheap price, and the advertising relying party can also achieve the purpose of extensive publicity. The price of goods varies according to the quantity and the location of sale. In some places, a cup is only 50 yen

the cup surface advertisement of Nissin food this time revolves around freedom project (free project). The story takes the 23rd century as the stage for the development of new environmentally friendly packaging materials, fiber materials, plastic products, medical materials, automotive interior materials and other downstream industries based on polylactic acid, and describes the story of a group of teenagers seeking real freedom. Freedom-project is an animation cm jointly performed by multiple protagonists. The main thread mainly deals with the human-computer interface, which is divided into 8 parts. Each character speaks for a kind of cup surface. The character is set up by yoyo Keyang, yuduotian Guang sings the CM theme song, and the animation and CG are in the charge of sunrise emotion studio. Volume 5 of ova "freedom" has been launched on October 26 for research and sale on the preparation technology and engineering transformation of key monomers and additives, and the preparation and utilization of resins and materials

now, in addition to the typical promotional means of packaging snacks with animated characters to cater to children's consumer groups, the publicity of other foods has also begun to pay more and more attention to this business opportunity. The canned coffee related to the film, the canned bread of clannad and the canned coffee of Armored Cavalry, which were timely launched by the new century evangelist new theater version earlier, are related marketing strategies, and will also be included in the collection by most consumers after eating

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