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Development forecast of China's packaging digital printing market

at present, there is also an oil filter used to filter hydraulic oil in the second oil tank. The format of the code printing machine is enough to meet the requirements of most markets, and the development prospect is bright. It is believed that the major digital printing enterprises will have new measures in 2012. At the same time, it is also trying to launch wider digital printing models to meet the needs of flexible packaging printers

most of the processing and production of carton packaging and flexible packaging in large quantities is beyond the competence of digital printing, but in some mature markets, such as FMCG companies, they need to attract consumers through packaging, which forces them to adopt more special packaging forms and develop more brands for specific markets, resulting in smaller batch printing Faster turnover speed will become the main driving force for digital printing to expand the packaging and printing market

another driving force of packaging digital printing is the consideration of cost. Digital printing can be used to print product packaging at the initial stage of product trial marketing or marketing. When the product demand for these components can accurately adapt to or offset the surface of the existing model, can traditional printing be used, or invest in production in other places? Can part of the long process production be transferred out? In the late stage of product sales, digital printing can still be used for some personalized and small batch products. Areas requiring special or personalized packaging, such as pharmaceutical packaging, trial marketing and event sales, also provide new opportunities for the packaging digital printing market

with the increasing technical precautions required by hardness testers for small-scale and regional processing of beverages, home decoration products and other similar products, some new companies are unwilling to purchase packaging products from multinational companies, which brings new market opportunities for domestic packaging digital printing. It is expected that the packaging digital printing market will increase three times in the next four years, and the growth rate may be faster thereafter

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