Six strategies for saving money in decoration

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Speaking of decoration, in addition to ensuring quality, the most important thing is to save money. As a working class, it is the king to install the best house at the lowest cost. So, how can we save as much money as possible on decoration without changing the use experience? Let's take a look at the six money saving strategies we recommend for you

first, design saves money

when doing decoration design, we must carefully consider all links, try to make a decision at one time, and avoid modifying again in the process of home decoration, resulting in some unnecessary waste. In order to increase the cost, some designers and home decoration companies often encourage consumers to increase many impractical additions, so we must pay attention to the design. We should promote simple and practical design principles. Simple home decoration can not only reduce waste, but also reduce pollution, because the more home decoration materials are used, the higher the degree of pollution

second, hardbound saves money

in view of the waste caused by home decoration, the Ministry of construction has been advocating hardbound house repair for many years, because it can reduce various waste caused by decoration. Therefore, from the perspective of saving the cost of home decoration, you can buy refined decoration finished houses. If you decorate yourself, you can choose those home decoration companies with multi brand integration function, because the owners of integrated home decoration can enjoy more brand concessions when purchasing the main materials, so as to improve the cost performance of the decoration project

Third, cabinets save money

cabinets are a relatively expensive aspect of home decoration. The cupboard in the kitchen should be easy to clean and strong, and some important factors should be investigated when choosing. Now most of the popular ones on the market are plates or solid wood plates, which are characterized by simple assembly. But sometimes it is easy to deform, and the price is usually calculated according to the linear meter when buying, ranging from 1500 yuan/linear meter to 6000 yuan/linear meter. In fact, considering environmental protection, durability and other factors, the traditional method can be adopted &mdash& mdash; Build with bricks. Use red bricks to build the bottom platform, and paste tiles after building. Lay thick granite on the table, more than 1.5 cm. Moreover, there are no dead corners in such cabinets, cockroaches will be reduced, and they are not afraid of blisters when washed with water in use. In this way, 4000 yuan is basically enough, which is 2000-3000 yuan cheaper than buying cabinets

IV. door saves money

there are many kinds of doors at present, including solid wood doors, solid wood modeling doors, composite doors, paint free doors, cladding doors, etc. As an ordinary family, paper core door is OK. The paper core door has great bearing capacity and good sound insulation effect, which is basically about 400 yuan/box. And in the second decoration, the door is polished directly with sandpaper and sprayed with paint, which is the same as the new one

v. waterproof saves money

now the cheapest price for waterproof by the construction unit is about 60 yuan/square meter. Painting waterproof is actually a very simple thing. If the owner is careful enough, this work can be completed by himself. For a toilet with an area of 3 square meters, a bucket of waterproof material can be brushed twice, and a place close to the ground can be brushed three times, which is basically enough. It's just a drawback. Once there is a problem of water leakage, you can only bear the responsibility yourself

VI. ceramic tiles save money

before home decoration, it is necessary to clarify how many years the decoration is expected to take. If you plan to redecorate in five years, then you don't have to be so expensive when selecting materials. If you choose tiles on this premise, there is no need to choose tiles costing hundreds of yuan per square meter. Some tiles costing 50 or 60 yuan are also of good quality. They can also meet people's visual requirements in terms of aesthetics, so you can save a lot of money

many owners don't know how to calculate the materials before home decoration. The prices of home decoration materials used vary from high to low, and in the end, when they have no money, they make do with it. This is not good. Be sure to calculate carefully before buying materials. For example, when buying tiles, arrange tiles according to the existing size of the room. Use the length and width of the room to remove the size of the existing materials, because the tiles are also divided into different sizes. The closer the result is to an integer, the more money it saves. For example, a three meter × In a 5-meter room, 500 cm bricks are basically whole bricks. There is no need to cut bricks for splicing, which is equivalent to saving money

for another example, when tiling in the bathroom, people always want to make a waistline, which will be more beautiful. But the waistline is often very expensive. In fact, using your brain and changing ideas can also have the same effect. You can change the tiles at the main view point of the bathroom door into other colors, such as black, gold, etc., which can also highlight the jumping effect of the whole wall and save a lot of money




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