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Scott water-based paint: the surface coating of panel furniture must choose water-based paint

Scott water-based paint: the surface coating of panel furniture must choose water-based paint

remind you that the surface coating of panel furniture must also choose water-based paint, and traditional paint can no longer be used. There are too many hazards of traditional paint, which is a direct harm to painters and consumers. Paint contains a lot of formaldehyde, benzene series substances, TDI free substances, VOC seriously exceed the standard, these substances are easy to - and damage body functions. The water-based paint does not contain those toxic substances, and Europe and the United States have long completed the major initiative of changing oil to water. Choose water-based paint manufacturers, choose Scott water-based paint

in addition, panel furniture seems to outsiders to be a very simple and relatively simple furniture, so it should not be too complicated in technology. And the fact is that its process looks really simple: three steps in one - cutting, edge banding, and punching. Equipment ---- cutting saw, edge banding machine, row drill. Key points of structure - 32 series disassembly and assembly connectors, etc

in fact, the production process of a panel furniture is much more complex than these. For the same plate, some only need oneortwo processes, while others need more than a dozen processes. For example, as long as the drawer bottom plate is cut, and if a more complex floor cabinet panel has a honeycomb hollow structure, a veneer, a solid wood edge and an edge shape, and the top is also inlaid with glass, the processing of a single panel will take more than 20 processes to complete. Therefore, the complexity of the panel process is closely related to many factors such as the product appearance design, product structure, materials and the variety and quantity of product varieties on the production line, The more elements of design, the more complex

panel furniture production process:

water based paint

the main elements of the panel production process: raw materials, process documents, machinery and equipment, operators, and the corresponding quality and production management system. Among them, the timely arrival of raw materials is the premise and foundation of the whole process, and the process documents are the action basis of the whole processing process and management activities. The process documents should be comprehensive and detailed. The process documents of panel furniture roughly include: effect drawing, three views, parts breakdown drawing, parts processing drawing, hardware accessories list, packaging scheme, installation diagram, raw material list BOM, parts processing process flow sheet, product operation manual. Among them, the parts processing drawing should be combined with the parts processing process flow sheet, and the effect should be synchronized with the parts products on the production line -. The main contents in the parts processing flow sheet should cover the basic contents such as name, specification, quantity, materials, batch, processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, processes and serial numbers. Machinery, equipment and operating workers are the processing guarantee. Main production process flow of panel furniture: panel furniture also has different process flow due to its different surface materials and surface decoration effects. The main representative categories are: wood veneer panel furniture, sticker panel furniture, solid color panel furniture, trimer amine panel furniture, and a mixed category of panel furniture composed of two or more of the above categories. The above-mentioned types of panel furniture are based on the process flow, and there are some special ones, such as bending and thickness sticking. In the actual operation process, because of the influence of cost and other factors, there are usually two sides in each other. It is worth mentioning that with the wide application of honeycomb paper, the processing technology of panel furniture will be more complex

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