How to choose the aluminum gate of Villa

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How to choose the aluminum gate of the villa

editor: Ronggao door industry

there are three views on choosing the aluminum gate of the villa. The following editor will introduce to you exactly what the three views are

look at the materials - the materials used for high-quality villa aluminum doors, including thickness, strength and oxide film, should comply with the relevant national standards. The thickness of the wall should be more than 1.2mm, the tensile strength should reach 157n/mm2, and the yield strength should reach 108n/mm2

look at the processing - the high-quality villa aluminum door has fine processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance and easy switching. Poor quality villa aluminum doors are blindly selected with materials and specifications, processed in a rough manner, and sawed instead of milled. They are not installed according to requirements, with poor sealing performance and uneasy opening and closing. They not only leak air and rain, but also encounter strong winds and external forces, which are easy to scrape or bump the push-pull parts off, damaging objects and injuring people. Villa aluminum art gate: the material is high-density hard aluminum, which is exquisite and carefully worked. It is installed by a professional installer. It is painted by hand and will not fade or fall off for life

look at the price -- as the saying goes, cheap is not good, and good goods are not cheap. Today's society has verified this sentence. Now many enterprises in order to fight a price war, reduce product costs, leading to a decline in quality. Villa aluminum art gate will not have this problem, because the product quality is poor, it can not meet the standard. In general, the price of high-quality villa aluminum doors is much higher than that of low-quality villa doors due to high production costs

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