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for the door and window industry, under the background of the recession of the real estate industry in recent years, the market supply and demand relationship of door and window products has changed. Mr. Shao, an insider in the industry, believes that the supply side reform is a hurdle that door and window enterprises must overcome. On the one hand, it requires the effective guidance of the government. On the other hand, it requires enterprises to actively adapt to the development of the market situation, timely adjust their production and management strategies, innovate supply products, expand supply channels, reduce supply costs, and optimize supply services. Only in this way can we stand out from the tight encirclement and realize the second take-off of the development of doors and windows

first, the importance of supply side reform

nowadays, China's production and management mode has gradually changed from extensive to refined, but many problems left over by history have led China's door and window industry to fall into the dilemma of excess low-end products, insufficient high-end products and old development thinking mode. For door and window enterprises, the era of "supply side reform" has undoubtedly become another obstacle that is difficult to overcome

second, innovative supply products

door and window enterprises should aim at the changes in supply and demand of market products in time, do not limit their business scope to traditional links such as door and window processing, and must strengthen independent innovation of products, develop standardized, standardized, functional and cost-effective doors and windows, so that door and window products can penetrate into the daily lives of ordinary consumers

third, expand supply channels

supply channels are marketing channels. Door and window enterprises should not stick to traditional marketing channels such as waiting for customers, running the market, running projects, bidding, etc. they should closely follow the market development trend and look for new product supply channels. With the rise of "Internet", more and more door and window enterprises began to explore the marketing mode of "Internet online promotion and offline experience of physical stores". Traditional door and window enterprises must make full use of Internet thinking and carefully build online product promotion stores and offline physical experience stores based on the experience and feelings of end consumers, so that consumers can have a refreshing product experience. Once this model is successful, it will greatly enhance the brand strength of enterprises and bring continuous development momentum to enterprises

IV. reducing supply costs

at present, the increasing labor costs and various social security taxes are the main reasons for the high production and operation costs of enterprises. "Cost reduction" has become an important task for the government to promote supply side reform. As an enterprise, we cannot rely on policies to reduce costs. On the one hand, we should develop or introduce advanced production equipment and processes to reduce the dependence on labor and reduce the variable cost of products; On the other hand, we should vigorously promote refined management, reduce production loss rate, increase waste utilization, and strive to build the enterprise into an environmental protection and energy-saving enterprise

v. optimize supply services

at present, the homogenization of door and window products is serious, and consumers' psychology of "shopping around" is becoming more and more obvious. If enterprises want to obtain opportunities in the fierce competition, the reputation of enterprises is particularly important. Word of mouth comes from high-quality products and services. In order to improve the service quality, door and window enterprises must think for customers from the aspects of product design, packaging, transportation, construction, maintenance and so on, and let customers feel the sincerity and sincerity of the enterprise, so as to bring good reputation and reputation to the enterprise

generally speaking, the supply side reform is not only a baptism of the market, but also a valuable opportunity for door and window enterprises. It will completely change the market pattern of traditional doors and windows, and give high-quality enterprises that are brave in reform and innovation the opportunity to "get rid of" their rivals. It is hoped that all door and window enterprises can realize the "Phoenix Nirvana formula" in this wave of reform and gain new life

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