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July is the golden period for entrepreneurship and joining. Why join imede? Five reasons are enough to impress you

July is the golden period for entrepreneurship and franchise. After the decoration of the exclusive store, it will usher in golden nine and silver ten. It is relatively easy to open up the situation by taking advantage of the situation to expand the local market. Which brand is good for aluminum alloy doors and windows? It is said that business is difficult to do. In fact, there is no off-season market, only the idea of off-season. As long as you join a good brand, brands with rising momentum, such as yimeide doors and windows, your career will be half successful

ask me why I choose yimeide for joining aluminum alloy doors and windows? I answered him five reasons, each of which was enough to move his heart


strong brand influence

Iraq virtue has invested heavily in the endorsement of the popular singer ulantuya, a Chinese popular national female singer, known as the grassland singer, whose voice is pleasant and many famous songs are popular. Moreover, ulantuya has a decent image and is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. Recently, it was awarded the 2019 "public welfare figure with both virtue and art". Yimeide is a door and window brand that strives for excellence and devotes itself to providing high-quality products for thousands of households. The combination of the two can be said to complement each other

in addition, yimeide also invested heavily in the Construction Expo, high-speed rail advertising and other forms to expand its brand influence. It was selected as the "brand respected by dealers", and its industry position is becoming increasingly prominent


strong elite team

yimeide is full of talents, and a vibrant and energetic elite team serves customers all over the country. The company adheres to the people-oriented management concept, and creates a high-quality, ideal and responsible team through incentives and training. If the team is strong, the enterprise will be strong


German craftsmanship quality is excellent

Iraq virtue inherits the essence of German door and window technology, absorbs new international door and window technology, and combines Chinese family humanistic characteristics and living habits to launch products with high appearance and good performance. Imade also cooperates strategically with well-known hardware brands in Germany, and adopts hardware accessories imported from Germany to resolutely create door and window products with ultra-high sealing performance, sound insulation and heat insulation performance

Xionglinfeng, general manager of imede, visited Germany's siglia and Germany's hobo headquarters, and witnessed the market recognition that imede has 10 years of industry precipitation. He has cooperated with many large real estate companies, and has traveled all over fengjiang. Project cases have spread over more than 20 provinces across the country, witnessing the market's praise and recognition of imede's product quality and service quality. Yimeide is highly praised for its excellent quality and first-class service, and the perfect delivery of many difficult projects

it is common for 10 meter long trucks to load and deliver goods in imede, which is not only popular in the domestic market, but also has a place abroad


joining is booming, and the dealer team is strong.

yimeide has become the key object that the majority of merchants must consider when joining in and starting a business. An endless stream of merchants visit and negotiate every day, and the good news of signing contracts continues to spread, witnessing the market's pursuit of yimeide. To find a brand to join is to find a brand that many people are willing to join. It's right to follow the big army

in fact, there are more than five reasons to join yimeide. With the development of the past decade, yimeide has been growing all the way. Yimeide people are determined to innovate, forge ahead and reap fruitful results. Facing the future, yimeide people carry forward the past and forge ahead, forge ahead bravely, and constantly cross new peaks





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