Why aluminum clad doors and windows save energy

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It is reported that the wood used for aluminum wood doors and windows is Nordic Korean pine growing close to the Arctic and larch in the virgin forest of Northeast Asia. After strict selection, as well as anti-corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant and other treatments, and the use of German high-strength bonding glue, the strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other aspects of the wood are guaranteed and can be durable. This kind of windows adopts double-layer sealing structure, and the leading car sealant strip is used on doors and windows, so the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation is particularly outstanding

aluminum wood doors and windows are characterized by heat preservation, energy saving and wind and sand resistance. It is wrapped with a layer of aluminum alloy outside the solid wood, which makes the sealing of doors and windows stronger and can effectively block the invasion of wind and sand. When the heat is unbearable, it can prevent the outdoor heat and reduce the loss of indoor air conditioning; In the cold winter, it won't freeze or condense, and it can also keep the noise out of the window

there are many ways to open and close aluminum clad wood windows. Among them, the push-pull flat multi-functional composite window is a new type of window that attracts attention this year. Its biggest advantage is that it can open and close at will: the window sash can be pushed and pulled left and right at will, and can also be smoothly opened outwards; You can adjust the open area of the window at will. If you rotate it outward by 180 °, you can clean the inside and outside of the window sash indoors, which is very safe. This kind of window sash can actively enter the track and convert to the push-pull state when encountering strong wind in the flat opening state, so that the window sash will not break the glass due to repeated opening and closing; And after the window sash is closed, the upper and lower parts can be determined actively, which is solid, reliable and safe against theft





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