The most popular focus on Minfeng special paper sh

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Attention: the main control panel of Minfeng special paper shows obvious signs

the modified panel shows no signs of "penetration" damage (see the above figure)

Minfeng special paper regularly replaces oil suction filter and filter element (600235): the circulation tray is 52million yuan, and the earnings per share in the middle of 2001 was 0.11 yuan. The company mainly focuses on the production and sales of cross-section shortened seed paper and cigarette supporting paper. The trend of this stock is independent of the market. When the recovery rate of the market corresponding to domestic packaging paper (box board, corrugated board and white paperboard) was about 70% in August and continued to weaken, it built a solid right bottom of the w bottom. Recently, it has maintained a shock rising pattern. The main control signs are obvious. The future market is expected to challenge an all-time high. It is recommended to pay active attention

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