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Pay attention to plastic thread hot binding

plastic thread hot binding is a page binding method between wireless adhesive binding and lockstitch binding. It combines the advantages of two mature binding technologies, the low cost of wireless adhesive binding and the high quality of lockstitch binding, and can be completed online with modern high-speed folding equipment. The book pasted by plastic thread can be bound by wireless adhesive after being matched with pages, and there is no need to mill and roughen the back of the book. It is a popular binding technology in recent years. Sewing in folding to complete the plastic thread ironing is completed in the plastic thread ironing online unit of the folding machine. Before the last folding, a special plastic thread that can be heated and melted is threaded into the last crease of the book post by threading. After that, during the heating process, the pages are folded and pressurized to melt a plastic thread binding foot to iron and seal the book post, and then it is matched with pages, wrapped with covers, ironed back and pressed into shape. At present, there are two sewing methods for plastic thread ironing. One is the threading principle similar to horse riding stitching. On the crease of the bookbinding, the plastic thread is cut from the inside to the outside to ensure that the frame has enough rigidity. The two stitching legs leave the thread head to form the external stitching leg of the bookbinding, and then add Inner Mongolia heat at the stitching leg, The plastic thread is melted and bonded with the crease of the book post (the other binding foot is left on the outside to bond with other book posts on the back of the book to make it more firm). Another method is to use a similar sewing method to sew the plastic thread on the last crease, and start heating while sewing until the folding is pressurized. Plastic thread is a kind of stranded wire with hot-melt resin coated on the surface. After being heated, it can be bonded with books. Modular design of plastic thread ironing machine plastic thread ironing technology was born in Germany in the 1960s, and has become more and more mature. Most of the current plastic thread ironing equipment is of modular design, with compact structure, space saving, and no need to increase operators. It can be connected with any group of folding machines, that is, the last folding of the pages is completed on the plastic thread ironing machine. After ironing, there are two folding methods: knife folding and triangle plate folding. At present, the main equipment suppliers that can provide plastic thread ironing machines are German MBO company and Heidelberg company. Technical advantages of plastic line ironing plastic line ironing integrates sewing technology into adhesive binding production, which greatly improves the quality and production efficiency of adhesive binding. Especially for the headache of adhesive binding thick book loose pages, it is "from line to disease", and gradually becomes the preferred binding method for dictionaries, picture books, textbooks, calendars and manuals. Its main advantages are as follows: (1) the bonding fastness of plastic thread ironing products can be comparable to that of hardcover books; (2) After the plastic thread hot binding book is opened, it is comfortable and easy to read; (3) The production cost is lower than that of the same quality sewing adhesive binding products; (4) Production links are reduced and production efficiency is improved. Figure 1 shows the comprehensive evaluation of the plastic thread ironing technology. Reprinted from: Printing Technology

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