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Xinhan unveiled the fanless industrial computer nise 3600. Based on the third generation intel core processor

Xinhan recently launched the fanless industrial computer nise 3600 series. Based on the third generation intel core processor family, nise 3600 series has scalable computing performance, flexible PCIe expansion and high broadband interface. This series of fanless industrial computers adopts a new industrial fanless design with high reliability and powerful functions. Nise 3600 series can be widely used in fields including factory automation, traffic law enforcement and public information services

Joe Lin, general manager of Xinhan industrial computer solutions division, said that industrial computers are going through a transformation period to cope with its growing workload and long-term operation. Nise 3600 series fanless industrial computers are based on the third generation intel core processor family, which further stimulates this transformation. Industrial computers are transitioning from a bulky rack shape to fanless and compact, which is easy to install and maintain

maximum flexibility

nise 3600 series is based on the socket type third-generation intel core processor family, with Mobile Intel qm77 express chipset, up to 3.3GHz processing speed, and supports 8GB ddr/1333 memory and Intel HD graphics card. This series can complete specified tasks in a relatively short time, while supporting directx11 to process complex graphics. However, the cross compatibility between the second and third generation intel core processors and chipsets enables the nise 3600 series to provide different levels of performance to meet a variety of project needs. At the same time, the series supports two PCIe x4/PCI expansion cards. Most importantly, nise 3600 series is the first series of new Han nise series that can drive three independent displays (two display ports and one dvi-d/vga interface) at the same time

run fast with passion

nise 3600 series is configured with USB 3.0 to improve its data transmission rate to 5gb/s, which is 10 times higher than before. Based on high broadband, the nise 3600 series can support a total of four USB 3.0 and two USB 2 O. Two Intel GBE LAN ports, supported by Intel 82574l GBE controller, six serial ports and built-in wireless ports for wi fi/GSM expansion. At the same time, it also supports two 2.5-inch SATA 3.0 6gb/s hdds/SSDs, and one CFAST storage unit on the front panel for easy access

more solid and reliable

it has implemented the political, economic and social reliability of central enterprises. It is very important for industrial computers. In view of this, the surface heat dissipation of nise 3600 series without fan design has wavy lines for a moment, which is conducive to heat dissipation and air circulation. This enables the nise 3600 series to maximize operating performance and operating time. Nise 3600 series supports 9 ~ 30V DC power input and can be widely used in many fields. For example, automatic optical inspection can speed up the visual inspection process and ensure the quality; Used in traffic detection, it can monitor according to traffic rules and effectively improve road safety; Used in public kiosks, it can display information and advertisements at the same time

main features

industrial fanless design, high reliability

support RPGA slot type third generation intel core processor family

Mobile Intel qm77 express chipset

4x USB3.0 2x usb2.0

intel 82574l GBE controller supports dual Intel GBE LAN ports

1x VGA 1x DVI-D display output

dual display output ports

5x RS232, 1X rs232/422/485

1 external CFAST slot

supports 9~30v DC power input

supports ATX power mode, network wake-up and PXE functions

about nexcom

Xinhan Computer Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has passed ISO-9001 certification. It is one of the members of the Intel embedded twin-screw granulator operation alliance to select metering feeders for uniform and constant speed feeding. Committed to the construction of digital platform, with top-notch technical level and strong R & D team, it is active in the forefront of the market by providing customers with professional products and innovative solutions. Xinhan currently consists of four business divisions in the world: industrial computer solutions (ICS), digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), and network security and communication solutions (NCS). Products include innovative blade servers, network security devices, industrial embedded computers (single board computers, embedded boards and systems), compact PCI CPU motherboards, industrial server motherboards, customized platforms, etc. Over the years, Xinhan has continuously introduced high-quality and high-energy density 3-yuan materials that fully meet the international standards of the industry. With professional services, it is more appropriate to the needs of customers, and has won a number of patents, awards and certifications that have been directly discarded. In order to better serve global customers, Shinhan has set up branches in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, China and Japan, with dealers all over the world

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