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The new intelligent coating beneficial to building safety came out in the UK

the new intelligent coating beneficial to building safety came out in the UK

February 13, 2004. The influence of the loading speed of the experimental machine and the selection of the dial on the test results. The oil delivery valve on the experimental machine is used to control the loading speed

the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom recently developed a new intelligent coating "PZT fine piezoelectric material crystal", When the crystal is stretched and extruded, it can produce electrical signals proportional to the external force. By analyzing these electrical signals, we can understand the fatigue degree of building materials

it is reported that it is very simple to detect the strain effect of this coating. Just apply a small piece of this paint on a metal component in recent years, and then cover it with a conductive coating. Then apply voltage to the coating to form a correct angle between the crystal in the coating and the surface of the component, so that the component can generate corresponding electrical signals no matter what direction the component is stressed. Then an electrode is added between the conductive coating and the metal component. When the metal component is knocked, the electrical signal generated by the component vibration of the intelligent coating can be detected. The greater the force of knocking, the stronger the electrical signal generated

experts pointed out that fatigue cracks will occur in buildings such as bridges and drilling platforms due to vibration, which can often lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, timely monitoring the fatigue degree of building materials is of great significance to ensure building safety. According to China's epoxy resin industry (), this new coating provides a simple and easy new method for detecting component vibration. Using this kind of coating, engineers and technicians can calculate the fatigue degree of building components by monitoring their vibration throughout their service life. In this way, we can not only know the quality of components in time, but also build lighter, cheaper and more elegant buildings on this basis

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