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The new grinding machine for the future

the time to turn high investment into economic achievements is becoming shorter and shorter. Only those enterprises that can quickly, flexibly and effectively adjust their production systems can successfully meet this challenge. Based on these understandings, bahm 焞 ler company has developed a flexible new series of machine tools, which can quickly and cheaply meet various challenges

especially in the aspect of injection technology, a product offensive has been launched at present, because the requirement is to reduce consumption, and at the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for exhaust emissions, requiring higher and higher injection pressure. If the pressure used today has reached 200MPa, there is still no end to the development of multi-purpose applications in this side, resulting in higher and higher requirements for the processing quality of components. Stable processing quality in the submicron range will become the standard in the future

Figure 1 ultra alpha grinding machine is used for inclined cutting grinding

modular machine tools will improve the safety and reliability of investment

bahmuler company, located in pluerhausen, is a professional manufacturer of high-precision grinding machines in large quantities. The company has developed a series of machine tools that meet these requirements. These machine tools can be reconfigured and adjusted according to the requirements of processing and production. In the whole life production of the machine tool, the best configuration of the machine tool conforms to the changed production conditions. In addition to the advantages of production technology brought by the optimized reconfiguration of the machine tool, the components of the machine tool can be optimally combined according to the requirements of beat time and linear beat. In order to make full use of this flexibility, functional units such as the guide rail and the bed are always separated from each other. Because the guide rail in the fixed shape of the bed cannot be flexible, the new ultra series machine tools have a high-precision polished flat functional surface, on which linear modules and rotating modules can be installed at will. Because grinding may put forward various requirements for abrasive tools, this kind of bed has flexible and diverse fixation methods. In this way, the grinding plane can be fully used to ensure the best requirements for processing tasks

a bed is used to complete different tasks

by installing appropriate machine tool components, an internal grinder or an external grinder can even be formed on a bed. With the same machine tool components, various machining tasks can be completed. The grinder installed in Figure 1 shows a rather traditional requirement

Figure 2 one module constitutes two different machine tools:

traditional cylindrical grinder (a) for bevel cut in grinding; Two internal grinding machines installed on a common bed (b)

although the modular system is adopted, they firmly believe in the quality of the workpiece that can be achieved. The quality of components can even be reproductively ground to extreme precision, such as a roundness of 0.06 on a length of 25 mm μ m. Straightness is 0.09 μ m。 Figure 2 shows two different machine tool structure types composed of the same module system. Figure 2a is a grinder that uses a cross carriage for traditional cylindrical machining, and figure 2b is the so-called twinner structure. Two internal grinder are installed on a common bed. Other methods such as brush grinding or the integration of pre production and post production measurement technology are also a fixed part of this scheme

in order to be fully prepared for future requirements, so as to achieve higher quality of workpieces. This structure has ideal thermal symmetry performance, and the quality of the workpiece that can be achieved is completely guaranteed by the hydrostatic linear guide using the direct displacement measurement system. The linear axis uses a linear drive module. This drive depends on whether it meets the requirements of the standard. The module has all the functions of a shaft in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, such as bearing, drive and position measurement functions (Figure 3)

Figure 3 uses hydrostatic guide rail, direct displacement measurement system and linear module of linear motor

linear motor as the driving device

the driving device is a linear motor, and the linear motor is the same as the guide rail, so the rotatability of the machine is not limited due to the limited service life. The linear module is made into three different lengths, which can be used for external circle grinding and internal circle machining

in contrast to the sliding guide rail, which is still widely used in the current grinder manufacturing, all running speeds and accelerations can be doubled. Especially in mass processing, a fraction of a second can determine the productivity of the machine, which can bring huge competitive advantages to users

Figure 4 two cylindrical grinding and processing rooms located on a common bed

the expensive automation realized by the feeding and discharging system can be better or even doubled. The use of high productivity dual machine tools in mass processing has become popular. Not only will there be synergies in the operation of workpieces and expensive pre production and post production measurement technologies, but also substantial savings can be achieved by using common infrastructure such as hydrostatic units, pre production and post production measurement technologies, and cooling units. Another important aspect is that the two machining stations use a common NC control device on the same bed. Figure 4 shows two cylindrical grinding (CBN high-speed grinding, traditional grinding) processing machines on a shared bed. Figure 5 shows a processing machine equipped with two different grinding units, one for internal grinding and the other for external grinding. They load and unload materials through a common gantry loader

Figure 5 is a processing room with two different grinding units, one for internal grinding and the other for external grinding. A common gantry loader is installed

in the process scheme, according to the principle of "overall process", it meets higher and higher requirements. When the high voltage required by the system is greater than 60kV, a 1500V terminal machine tool with two different processing technologies is selected to realize the whole set of grinding processing. All machine tool designs are based on a common scheme. The machine components used are universal. Once the requirements for machine tools change, disassemble these machine tool components and adjust them according to the changed requirements

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