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With the continuous development of packaging technology, a multi-layer paper bag widely used in grain packaging has been on the market and favored by packaging enterprises

compared with ordinary paper bags (1) which adopt Panasonic exchange servo driver and exchange servo Electromechanical, the strength of this new paper package is 1.5 times higher, and the structure is reasonable and firm. For example, the paste bottom bag adopts trapezoidal arrangement, and each layer is bonded independently, so as to make it more firm. A four layer stretchable paper bag filled with 25 kilograms of flour fell freely 10 times at a height of 1.2 meters, but it still didn't break. Paper itself is hygroscopic, which can absorb excess water in grain. It also promotes the structural reform on the supply side, and can effectively prevent grain from being affected by moisture due to the humid environment. At the same time, the tightness of paper bags is better than that of cloth bags, and the shelf life can be extended by two to three months under the same conditions

the outstanding advantages of paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, which meet the national food hygiene standards. As the paper printing adopts the multi-level flexible support combined sealing structure, the brush has good performance, and can print graphics and words according to the requirements of users. The valve mouth paper bag made of this paper is very convenient and rapid in the flour filling process. The filling speed can be increased by three times, and there is no dust flying, which can improve the working environment

in addition, the valve mouth paper bag is rectangular after filling, which is convenient for stacking and should not slide

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